Saturday , January 28 2023

The Movie – See how good Battlefield V can look for


Battlefield V is one of the most expensive things that you can feed a gaming computer. As it is not enough, the game has received yesterday's support for racing, lighting, as some tracks will be a new standard for playing.

We know that this is a crucial one, and the question is how exciting the game is. The answer is in the following film. We added and disabled that scene through DXR (called Ray-Tracing). DXR is available in four quality steps, and we use the ultrasound and all other graphics controls. And it looks like this:

The raising effects show the light on the surfaces (windows, watercourses). It's not so easy to see a clear jam, it brings a lot of joy to the Geforce RTX graphics card, paying 10-15 thousand SEK.

at the same time Battlefield V There are no crazy DHMs, and you have been detailed in detail about battles with your eyes. For example, technology is easy to evaluate on other topics Group of raiders i Subway: Exit.

You also need to give an idea of ​​that Battlefield V With the screw drawings, there is no DXR on the machine. The movie is written with the RTX 2080 Ti card and Intel I7 4790K processor, the DXR offsets 70-80 frames per second and 20-30 frames with the maximum DXR controller (four high quality steps). For comparison, Sweclockers has the same graphics and graphics settings as 130-140 pounds, but with a modern I7 8700K processor.

In short, there is a radiation surveillance Battlefield V the first step that can be standardized in future games. But we are not yet clear.

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