Saturday , June 19 2021

The profit for Beskab has been lowered

According to segment reporting that provides a more accurate picture of business, the operating profit is estimated at $ 33.9 million. Tenge (105) and operating margin – 13.7% (14.5).

The segment profit is estimated at $ 248 million. SEO (723).

Production of Besgab in the third quarter compared to the previous quarter did not have a shelter.

Last year, the company sold 38 houses, with the exception of care and care homes, which is the same as in the previous year. This year 113 houses were sold.

The market is waiting

"The housing market in Stockholm and Uppsala is still waiting, but we see stabilization during the period. The rise in prices in Stockholm showed a slight increase, "explained General Director Anett Frameri.

He saw the increase in sales in September, saying that it was "going well at the end of October" and the projects launched in 2018 had a good market. This year, Besgab has launched 147 new homes.

According to the Director General, "about 30% of the housing will be ordered before the start of the production.

As of September 30, 2018, there were 633 houses in the current industry in Beskab. 53% of these homes were sold or sold, 51% of which were for sale and 2% for housing.

Good prospects

5 of the houses completed in 2018 were sold as of September 30, 3 of which were sold in October.

"We do not have flats on our balance," said the general director.

Regarding the market's prospects, Anett Frameri pointed out that macroeconomic factors are acceptable, but the increase in banks' lending restrictions combined with large-scale housing has a deceleration.

"We rely on changes in the future due to the stable housing prices and local delivery conditions," he wrote.

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