Saturday , January 28 2023

The valve ends with Steam Link packaged in paraffin


Steam Link – a small, easy-to-use, lets you play Steam games on your TV. Last year, I purchased Black Friday Rea for a killer, and I'll be happy – soon you will not buy it at all.

The valve declares that it will be sold in Europe (there are still some sellers in Sweden, but below in the price hunting module) and recently in the United States. The valve supports the machine, but may even invest in Steam Link.

Moving forward, Valve is committed to supporting the existing Steam Link, and also releasing Steam Link software versions for many leading smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Here you can learn more about the application, and we will remind it for the "brave father" of the summer. The valve released the iOS app, but Apple ceased it, so you can try again. Betan also has Android.

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