Monday , August 15 2022

There are important things in the Ecker Police


Near the fort of Droughtinholm, the police have received notice of property in Echères. Homemade bombs were found in the house. At the moment, police officers from the National Bomb Stack are gathering to investigate things.

"We took the alarm off in the middle of the day. During the digging of a land plot, there were workers who worked with a home-made bucket. I was told that it was beneath the concrete pavement, and when you removed the concrete slab and removed the majority, they appeared, "says Ola Usterling.

– I saw their pictures. They are located in crushed rock.

What do these objects look like?

– Old bombs of the Second World War.

A police patrol guard is there to investigate the contents and explore the contents.

– You set up a radio car on the road leading to this area because there are no additional people in your area. So, I think you've talked to people who are near the construction site, "says Ola Usterling.

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