Monday , January 24 2022

This is Samsung's cell phone


The mobile phone of the mobile phone consists of a large screen and a large screen that is 7.3 inches wide. At the presentation ceremony, we were given a prototype of the entirely masked phone. That's what we really did not see. The function nevertheless appeared. All the phone features are available on the external screen and the software used on the external display is ready for use on an internal, large screen when you open the phone.

A few difficulties

Samsung has noted that it has overcome a number of technical challenges to make this phone a success. The screen is called Infinity Flex Display and apart from the overlapping screen, long-term plans are also available on mobile screens and flexible and stretchable screens.

Samsung's screen overlay screen has shown that the screen is much thinner and uses other materials, while also supporting the bearings, allowing all floors to move and so be flexible. The displayed device shows that the crowd is fast, but the picture quality was not good at all.

Mass production in forthcoming months

During the presentation, the screen did not have only gymnastics, but even progress was made to ensure that the screen is in the hands of consumers. Samsung has promised to be ready for mass production in the coming months.

Custom interface

Samsung's Wide-Inner – Several applications can be used simultaneously, so do not switch between multiple applications with other applications. First, it says that all features are available on the external mini-screen, but the external screen software is active on the larger screen when you open your phone. You can also split the screen into three parallel programs, along with a full-screen view of the entire screen, such as full-screen readings or movie usage.

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