Saturday , October 16 2021

Two people are shot dead in the Khalon Mountains

The first call came to the police at 17.43.

"We have repeatedly stated that there is a shooting in the Hellon Mountains," said Anna Westberg, a police spokesman.


He continues:

"The Witnesses say they were shot dead by a car. On the site we found the two injured people.

The police detained the suspect and two of them were taken to the hospital by ambulance.


Task: The shooting is dead

According to the expert, both victims were wounded. One of them should be based on a criminal network. The police did not comment on Monday evening.

The less obvious task is the third person wounded in the shooting. This man had to go to the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, weapon-like weapon was used, the police wrote on their website. There is also evidence that the moped pair of helmets fired after the shooting.

"It 's all over the hole in the bullet"

The express photographer Alex Lundhall arrived about 20-25 minutes after the first signal came to the site. He saw on the left side of the car, the driver was shot dead.

– The bullets were all over the holes. They probably released the magazine. There were many blank shirts, perhaps 10 to 15, about two meters from the car.

When he arrived, there were several ambulances and many police cars.

A minute later, two ambulances hurried to the injured.

photo: Janne Åkesson / Swepix

At around 22:00, police reported that they could knock down the door and technicians could do technical investigations on a criminal case.


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