Sunday , April 2 2023

«We eat at Allsvenskan»


1-1 against WARBERGS BOYS.
Now GFST needs to get Gothenburg, says Augustin Alingmark.
"That 's not possible," he says.

Last week, IFK won Gothenburg with Falkenberg 2-0 and scored Saturday against Blackworks Super Eagle Warkberg Boyd. Now, the team will have to go into the series, otherwise it will threaten it hard, "said Augustin Alingmark.

– Here we can not. If we play this way, we will eat at an all-star. No basic substances. We do not play in the second game and feel the match in the first match at their own choice, first of all, after the match against Warg.

Earlmmar thinks Swedes are better than Sweden's Warberg, and the Super-Wind team will be able to punish Blavith more than Saturday.

– Others are good, but we send one simple goal – again. It's all things that can not be done in Swedish. It will be better than players, and then they will do the same through their own games. We do not need anything. But now he is happy.

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