Saturday , October 23 2021

"Zlatan agreed with Milan"


Ibrahimović's Milan corresponds to several Italian media

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is traveling to Milan as several Italian media reported.

According to Tuttosport, the club Serie A will offer the Swedish contract for six months.

Los Angeles Galaxy missed the last game on MLS, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic could conclude a good debut season.

Swedish has scored 22 goals in 27 matches and has received a number of awards in recent days, including the newcomer and goals of the year.

From the beginning of June, Ibrahimovic went to Europe and his former club went to Milan.

In the story of Rayola Leonardo

Zlatan Ibragimovich confirmed the relevance of the loan a week ago.

"If I belong to the Galaxy, I play here. I will not go abroad for a loan. I do not need it in a television video:

"I stay in the club and pay attention to it. This (credit) is not what I think.

Maybe it will not be a credit, but a clean transit.

Sky Sports Italia and Calciomercato say the deal is approaching on Tuesday. Ibrahimovic's Mino Reina is in constant contact with Milan's Sports Director Leonardo.


This image will allow fans to see Milan again.

The owner accepts the transitional period

According to "Utosport", Milan has signed a contract for six months from January 2019, and the owners of Milan's Calciomercato Milan are fully approved by Zlatan.

But the duration of the contract should not be agreed.

Italian football offers another version of Milan, while Ibrahimovic wants to have a 18-month contract.

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