Saturday , January 28 2023

20 minutes – property damage after burnt from the apartment


In a multi-apartment building in the town of Burmstown, the burning of a cellar apartment damaged more than 200,000 euros in the evening on Saturday. No one was hurt. Both apartments are non-living. The residents found shelter with their relatives.

The fire report was accepted shortly after 18:00, reports the City Police of Zürich on Sunday. The fire brigade can quickly control the fire.

One resident was not injured

Many residents are left alone, as no one is injured. In the building of civil defense, evacuation is taken under fire. The Mattenweg had to be shut down for a few hours to work with the fire department.

According to preliminary data, the fire was closed in the apartment on the ground floor. Split windows spread flames on facades and damaged the apartment above. The cause of the flare was initially unclear and the firefighters from the city police department of Zurich were identified.


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