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After the defeat of the victorious army – Switzerland: Standard

There are consequences for this newspaper report on high military expenditures. "This eastern dispute should be discussed at a regular session of the Security Policy Commission," said Prisca Sledge Graf, National Advisor to SP. Former professional officer Joseph Ditley (FDP), president of the Soviet Security Policy Commission, says: "The topic is not resolved. I would like to know about adjusting the new costs of the Federal Council Guy Parmelin In the future, such privileges will not be possible. " At today's CIC session, Dietli Parmelin demanded.

The details of the investigative report on the use of accusations at the highest military level were triggered by incredible and politically motivated incidents. In particular, in June last year, 18 officials were not aware of the fact that the Vale Army helicopters, including the golf course, were senior officers. According to Ditley, reports on workshops and troops need to be addressed. "The framework programs and lunch at the end of the year are cost-effective and effective. The taxpayer is not obliged to pay the expenses of partners of the Department of Defense. »

SVP protection

Expenses for the "green security" politician Baltasar Glanti are like the "tip of the iceberg". He says: "The fact that the army does not regularly spend money is not only for couples, but also when purchasing new combat aircraft, VBS expects a much higher cost than paying a new F-35 from Belgium and Holland.

David Zuberbüler, SVP's security guard, also protects his defense minister. After the charges were announced, he was investigating. As a result, he adjusted the new costs that came into force in September and "will avoid such unstable advantages at the expense of taxpayers".

In fact, the new Directive considers resources to be "economically and economically". Employees are especially committed to leadership. The Directive limits the SBS staff to 120 CHF per person per year for "common events", once a year, including food, transport and infrastructure. In the future, it is forbidden to give employees gifts from taxpayers and work camps for federal government employees. Seiler Graf's arbitrators: "This is the fault of the army, and if it is to be carefully examined, it must be small."

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