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After the influenza episode epidemic


Through Sabine Strobl

Soon, the flu virus turns back. It's a difficult thing to say: you do not know what kind of order and composition, and how far they differ from last year. The current vaccine is always based on last year's experience, and their development is always different. It is especially difficult to estimate the strains Influenzagruppe B.

"It is difficult to predict that the actual influenza B influenza will occur within one year. The influenza A group has always had the same strain, H3N2, and H1N1, but their illness was different, "explains Günther Weiss, Director of the II Internal Medicine Department in Innsbruck.

Sometimes the virus changes in a minimum, so the virus can detect and combat the virus. Sometimes the virus changes more and the immune response is poor. Weiss: "The problem with vaccine is a year behind.

Vaccination is limited to its age. "Children have about 90% vaccination and about 30% of elderly people," explains Weiss. Good news: If people are ill despite vaccination, the flu will not be severe.

So who will be vaccinated against influenza? An expert recommends that surgical patients and older people vaccine. It is important to vaccinate important and chronic ill people. Weiss: "It's trying to make a cow immune to these people." Doctors are also offered vaccinations. Here you decide to protect yourself, your family, and guardian.

Last, but at least parents are asking whether to vaccinate their child against influenza. Children with chronic conditions, such as asthma, recommend vaccinations for Weiss. Otherwise, you have to measure the advantages and disadvantages. For example, influenza in children may sometimes be severe. Or parents can not afford to take care of their children for two weeks. "You need to talk to your parents about the risks and benefits," said the expert.

From December to April, the influenza virus is repeated. The flu is still a serious illness. The disease usually begins with sudden inflammation, muscle and muscle and sometimes cough. Temperatures and high temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. Conversely, the thermometer raises to 37-37.5 degrees with influenza infection, which is accompanied by nose, fatigue, diarrhea, and headaches. Annually, about five to ten percent of the population in Tyrol suffers from severe influenza.

This influences the influenza in the country. "In order to achieve intensive protection, the average injection rate should be about 80 percent, now we have 10 to 15 percent. It is important for people with high risk of influenza or high risk to increase the level of vaccination, "concluded Weiss. Therefore, all groups of the population need movement.

The development of science is also interesting. According to Weiss, "there are many studies in the case of how often influenza is present in the body or permanent immunity." You also want to know how often you need to vaccinate, can it be annually or annually? "Although it is a common disease, so far there are many unknowns.

According to this word …

… avoid pathogens

You can wash the hands of the viruses and TVs several times a day. A moderate (balanced) and balanced diet will keep you in the winter. The lack of smoking protects mucous membranes.

… sick of thousands of influenza

Every year about 5-10% of our population suffer from influenza in our area. In Innsbruck's clinic, more than 100 people are hospitalized each season due to severe influenza.

… influenza epidemic during holidays

Flu flashes will last from December to April. Possible cause: In cold weather people are more prone to it and they want to move together. The tropics are affected by the flu during the year, in the southern hemisphere in the summer months.

When you are bitter, the infected droplets are spread in a one or two meter radius. Pathogens also touch, push, and touch the mechanisms.

… against the flu

It is said that the patient with flu is made up of three or five people. Beet for z. B. high infection rate. Here, the patient expects that from 13 to 20 people will be injured.

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