Friday , June 9 2023

Andreas Martti to Axenstrasse: "The project is very big!"


Axsenstrass is closed due to the danger of falling. On July 28, the twelve-ton highway was short. There is a greater risk of garbage.

Work on the road is underway now: on Saturday, experts broke two blocks of about 1,000 tonnes. However, they found two large pieces of explosives. Now it is necessary to destroy the road before reopening – only in mid-September.

Only with a helicopter

This is how Axenstrasse works

The consequences of the blockage are: traffic unrest, short-term work, lack of wages in the region (reported by Blix). Local residents have long been calling for a safe tunnel, especially in Sisicon UR. But ecologists, including the Akkene Inter-Committee, prevent the construction of the building.

"Sisicon Dumps on the Roof"

Andreas Martti, member of the succeeding Council of the Switz City Council and a member of the committee: "We have nothing against Sisikon, but the project planned for SZ wells is too big!" This means too many traffic.

Moreover, the alpine project of the canton and federal government, which was approved by the people in 1994, contradicts this. "This is because the main road today is being reconstructed and its purpose is to increase capacity – but there is no legal basis," said Marty.

The Sicicon Community supported the bypass line – with the tunnel. "But he did not want his spear, but like a canton and a contract, like a pigeon in the ceiling," said Marty.

"The tunnel is closed, but the road is closed now"

In fact, even if it is a big tunnel project, he believes that Axenstrasse is not completely safe from falling rock. "Although the planned tunnel has already been completed, today it was impossible to keep the road open."

There is no new tunnel in the crash site. "The plan was far from the modern street," Marty said, "to build a gallery close to the mountains and hundreds of tons of stones today."

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