Tuesday , January 31 2023

Animal Protection Activists Have Been Grown To The Opposition Of SO Bell


On Wednesday night, animal rights activists entered the Bell cemetery in Oseningen. The operation is broken. The police began cleaning the building.

On Wednesday morning, trucks were assembled at Bell's Lucerne's slaughterhouse in Lucerne. This was reported by the reader's reporter. Cause: Animal rights advocates have access to meat processor rooms at night and interfere with the operation.

Cantonal Police Solothurn confirms this incident at Blick's request. "Several people have occupied land from 2 to 3 at night," the spokesman said. This is a violent protest of the rights of the animal rights activists. "The forces are talking to activists".

"Antispeziesisten" took part in the action

According to TeleM1, the building for the delivery of animals ranges from 70 to 100 foreign activists. Facebook is a group of radical activists working with animal rights activists. They are called "antisephets" that fight against the use of "evil" animals.

Work in dolls is partly blocked, and employees are happy to be sent home. "Bell loses more money in our business," writes activists.

"Normal work can not be done"

Work on the call was unable to continue as usual because Bell's spokesman told BLICK. "Thanks to intrusion, normal surgery is not possible today." However, delivery to the client has not been completed yet. They were in close contact with the police and asked people to return. "The company hopes that activists will leave the region peacefully."

In accordance with a request for a voluntary dismissal, the displaced persons did not respond. The police began cleaning the area. According to the speaker, it is peaceful. Activists can now be taken to the police station and recorded in their personal details. But it takes several hours before removing everything from the building. (KRJ)

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