Wednesday , May 25 2022

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Stefan Pabeschiz

Madrid – Until 2006, Corolla has become popular in the Toyota space, with a wide range of applications ranging from mobile to petrol rescue. Changing the name of Auris, which was theoretically very difficult in Latin as the basis of the word "sick". Indeed, the Romans were also called Orrisons, and the compact Japanese seemed to be as effective, and eventually they did not succeed.

When you go back to a traditional horse, you also have a careful look. The Corolla looks sharp with the smashed headlights and a large, deep-paced grid lattice that is clearly visible in the future. A valid design flange is opened in a five-door sports rear, the middle-light LED illuminates with an independent character. The combination of so-called Touring Sports has a five-door gear with six wheelbase benches, with a good proportion of forks and an elegant ceiling, with at least 4,65 meters in length. The two frame styles are equipped with a new and dual rear axle, which provides more accurate and convenient machining.

The cockpit and the interior as a whole consist of pure lines and high quality ingredients. Toyota does not connect to new German waves of solid plastic: the two tile levels are made of soft foaming quality, and the central information screen is easy to read. From the previous versions, operational logic is further developed and practically self-explanatory in the application.

In addition to the popular 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine, starting from February 2019, two hybrid engines will be offered to the market: a 1.8 liter version with a maximum of 122 hp. and 142 Newton meter torque, and then 180 gig and 191 Newton meter is a brand new brand new 2-liter aggregate with a long stroke high pressure engine, integrated collector and direct Bezineinspritzung and mostly electrified accessories.

At this time, a stronger version has been available for initial test drives that dynamically moves when needed. Combined combustion and electric motors are well-organized, with very accurate steering, overall voltage, but never inconvenient suspensions and astounding neutral machining, even with high accuracy at all times. Despite being small with every update, the usual downturn remains the CVT transmission, which has the effect of the rubber band, which works on Toyota's efficiency, cost, and longevity. The power of the sophisticated switching cycle is respected, but practically implemented, but the difference is sometimes the effect that affects only the digital jumping on the digital transmission display. In order to compensate, two hybrids will shine at 99 and 106 grams per kilometer with standard CO2 values. 3.8 liters arithmetic consumption, we missed 0.7 liters – 4.5 liters, which is a very important experience.

The Vienna Motor Show will feature two styles in January, the price will be announced in December and is expected to rise 10% higher than the latest Auris series.

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