Wednesday , March 29 2023

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures is expected to hit the market in September


After a long wait, Bakkt, the long-awaited Bitcoin (BTC) futures, has become a reality: today the company has announced that it can launch its platform and products in the coming weeks.

Since then, the news has spread like the spread of fire in the crypto industry, causing Bitcoin to rise by about 4% from about 10% to $ 1,050, up to $ 4,450.



Director General of the Balkans Kelly Loffler said today that the "ambitious approach" of the institutional infrastructure for the company's crypto markets is more than a month away on September 23. I realized.

Previously, the platform was approved by all necessary regulatory bodies, including the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Financial Services Department of the State of New York. They confirmed the company as a qualified custodian of Bitcoin's futures products.

Regulated exchanges, such as crypto-spot markets, have many advantages over trading platforms, including risk management, compliance and market surveillance, Löffler said, emphasizing the benefits of a fully regulated platform for the crypto industry.

Please note: Loffler also notes that all futures products are covered by the "ICE Clear US" warranty. This ensures that all products are protected by a strong insurance portfolio.

Bakkt Futures contracts are also covered by the ICE Clear US Warranty Fund, which has a situation in many commodity markets, … It is very important that we build the Bakkte Warehouse in such a way as to provide Bitcoin with regulated, secure storage. , he said, with insurance up to $ 125 million.

BTC is launching a breakthrough in news about Baku's launch

After the launch of the Bakkt platform, Bitcoin's price rose from 10% to $ 10,400, up to 3% before the $ 10,370 price was settled.

While this news is unclear whether BTC will be able to move on in the near future, this news might have strengthened the growth rate of my first-ever crypto-dad growth. After he dropped $ 9,500 he recovered a lot.

When the platform approaches the official launch next month, fraud can be triggered by a fraudulent crypto market and improving the mood of investors.

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