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Beatrice Egli: Here he takes another star – it is very desperate


Beatrice Egli is not alone? Some people may draw attention to this delicious picture. Now the victim is a TV star.

Beatrice Egli: Well, she hugs the celebrity – she is very desperate now

Nanny, lonely? Some people may ask that question You can see Beatrice Eglie's picture when you love her. "Being alone is a great thing, because I can act like myself," he said recently (see below).

The resolution is simple: it is a screen shot of its musical video for what's happening on YouTube at 2.1 million views. And we have already mentioned (see below). The 30-year-old girl is very polite. After 20 seconds to a taxi, there is an attractive gentleman.

He is a TV star. Actor, more precisely. Christian Shepherd's name, he is 38 years old, comes from Switzerland, lives in Berlin, and is a commissioner for the new Bernegger & Juric thriller in Switzerland, the Swiss-speaking German.

In the interview She also talked about the role of Eugli in the music scene, which is further popular. That's not right for him. "I hope to be recognized as a good actor with different facets and roles rather than talking to Beatrice."

Also, he does not need anyone for allowing Beatrice Egli to kill him. "I get jealousy again. The 20-person favorite of this movie is not romantic.

After Schäfer's commission, he has big plans. "I want to talk to good people about beautiful, impressive and moving stories. And there are still many people to know. I can not say it, but I always want to play a police like McNulty from The Wire. Now I have this role. What else can I do?

Most Beatrice Egli women never say

Updates for November 7, 2018: She makes a secret of her bag and many women. Nobody can get inside – of course not men. Content is not detected. It's different from Beatrice Eglé. He spoke New message it's pretty clear about his wallet and the inside.

"I offer jewelry, new refreshing sweets, sunglasses, headphones, laptops …" Egly says. Of course, his cosmetics should not be lost. "Now I go to a ride and occasionally fly, I have a plastic bag," says the pop-singer. – It's convenient!

The lower part of his large bag: This is not clear. "I'm always looking for a small piece of stuff like pocket, phone, cream, cream, damp cloth, walnut, chocolate … But all I've found!"

Beatrice Egli accepts information about a person in her dreams

Update November 5, 2018Beatrice Egli was officially married for five years. The singer is left alone with his personal details. However, a 30-year-old man speaks openly about the person in his dream, like the promo magazine Contacts to study. In Beatrice Egli's interview Freizeitwoche his love for life.

She is loving, asking who she is or who has children, "says Beatrice Egli. Free time magazineThe pop singer knows that he is not that bad, because they are looking for similar stories in the media.

What is the 30-year-old dreamer? It is not an excerpt for his friend because of his famous singer. On the contrary.

"You can not control anything in life. Of course, it is not love. So I can not take a picture about my partner, and I've already set it up, it's allowed and not allowed, "Beatrice Egli admits.

Today, a 30-year-old girl fully supports her single life. "It's a good thing to be alone, because I can do what I want to do," Egli says. Because she still feels like a teenager.

Beatrice Egli: A clear recognition of the curves

News from November 3, 2018: The weakest moments of the greatest stars – Schlagerqueen Beatrice Egli. Bullewardesken Women's Magazine interview New sheet It does not believe that every 30 year old child will not be as self-confident as today. "At first it was not easy. For many years, I've learned to love curves, "says

Egly has always been on an extraordinary stage for fans, but he shows the storm of enthusiasm, which now has some unknown moments. Fortunately, she knows that she has a secret recipe to get rid of the temporary uncertainties: "I try to find something on this disc, which will prevent the discomfort. Fortunately, there is always something to wear, and he says: "That is the right thing to do today!" The best stylist-consultant is always a good factor, "he explains.

Beatrice Egli: "I love how to love myself"

Also, daily Anfeindungen Schlagersängerin can not be beaten anymore. "Sometimes I get bad reviews," she admits. "But that does not matter to me. I'm sure I can see myself and love myself! "Egly hopes to include her message into her fans:" The character does not say anything about the nature of a human being. Anyone who finds happiness with himself and his body and every gram is wonderful! Loving yourself is the best thing to do.

Beatrice Egli: The doctrine of the Law was opened

Updates for November 2, 2018: In fact, events in the background are not publicly available. Guitarists from Beatrice Egly's group called "Pogo" are now on the contrary the picture A 30-year-old girl was announced.

Accordingly, Egli recorded himself and the group in the process, accompanied by a tour, and went to a concert in the evening: first to eat together, and then all of us can retire. And before the show is a usual ceremony!

"We all are pulling each other's arms around us. Beatrice speaks to us a few words and chooses a member of the band, telling about it. "Then the sandwich" will be published: Everyone will sit on the right side of the person.

The guitarist explains: "These closest chairs are for each other, showing us together. "We stretched one hand around the circle, and we loved each other and supervised Beatrice."

Apart from the established procedures, Egli is very spontaneous, says a guitarist. "Beatrice is always in an unexpected condition," she explains. "He does not expect anything from himself, and it's not a lot, because he laughs with us and sometimes is a bit foolish."

Beatrice Egli.

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Video: At the age of 30, it was not always easy:

These fans are waiting for the excursion of Beatrice Egly

Updates for November 2, 2018: Two concert days (Regensburg and Dresden) have been completed – most of them will last until December 15. What does the Beatrice Egli Tour fans expect? This video suggests:

The seafront is an extra hot photo of Beatrice Egli at the top

Upgrade from October 31, 2018: Beatrice Egly knows how to use her skill and curve – it's also clear on the tour photos that started several days ago. For example, the photographer captured the "hollow pitch" in his scenic dress.

However Instefram Instagram does not have a default image. There is nothing here except Egly's very thin blanket covering her thighs. This is one of the most popular photos on top of most popular posts when you search Instagram for #beatriceegli. This is not surprising, it is the source of the eye.

Video: Beatrice Egli speaks openly about the difficult time

More visibility: the photo was published in September by the fan surface. "Wow, so sexy," responded to the trailer. And already several years have passed. There was a "light scatter" during the video recording. 4.4 million people have been considered since February 2017. If you do not know it, you may be surprised by Beatrice Egli's freedom of movement:

Updates for October 29, 2018: Beatrice Egli's Instagram report was the World of Peace. But Regensburg had to start the tour on Sunday, and it would explode there. He learned about four "personalities" that he had invented for his tour: Bábsi, Bernadette, Becky and Bat – various characters – and, of course, all of them were hidden Beatrice Egli.

For each of their four "friends" there are even individual Instagram accounts. And start videos quickly and you know them well.

One of the most striking events can be called Beth. The thickness of the bride with a skull that explains how well Beatrice Eglyi knows about it. "I am attending the Wacken Festival. His body is an alarm! «

Her fans are eager to reflect on the recipes of "You are better than other dresses", "It's Hot", "Fully Brother".

Upgrading from October 28, 2018: Today's journey begins with Beatrice Egly. It begins in Regensburg and takes over other Swiss cities.

Refresh October 14, 2018: Today Beatrice Egly is a guest at the ZDF TV Garden.

Since August: Beatrice Egli is on transparent breast glands

Singer Beatrice Egly (30) knows how to use her wavy curves and her fashion. Now he takes another step. In the new music video, "What's new", in a word, everything is just what it is.

"I feel sexy and joined" – one of the first lines of the text. Further: "Today is the best hot enough" and "I'm in a red dress. Hold your fingers remotely. "

Fans can be just a few pockets based on pure music. But in the end, the musical video has the appropriate motions.

Because of her awesome beauty in her clothing: Beatrice Egli is a cracked red corset, wearing a mask around her eyes and pulling her bucket. Below, the transparent surface leaves a lot of space for imagination.

Only text and clothing should be exercised not only by followers, but also by Egli. At different times, your fingers are gentle on the body, even within 1 minute of bed.

Beatrice Egli stroke her chest.

By the way, it does not do everything for the viewer, but it's about the person who finished the box at the end of the video. Then the masks fall. And maybe not just.

The fans of Switzerland are, of course, happy. "The horny video and it looks great again," writes YouTube commentary. "Once again, you can see how the hit will be sexy and hot." And Instagram writes a video: "Beatrice is really a woman's dream."

In Instagram, he illustrates the brightness of the shooting. "Hot, hot, hot" is a reaction here.

Beatrice Egly's garment did not appear for the first time, it was a few months ago, and the European park was large.

It also seems that the first days and locations of the Rammstein tour were fixed.

Sara Connor is amazed by her fans. After his mother tongue, he released his second German album and went on a tour in autumn 2019.


Love with a stranger is as follows:

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