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Beatrice Euglisea's parents have already won the "DSDS"


Beatrice Eglis's family has always been a happy, harmonious unit. But the star of the hit hit family. The singer's parents have not been together for years.

Fascinates the beautiful scene: the flawless world of Beatrice Egly 30-year-olds are not as healthy as they have long believed in society. Ana Ida says "Schweizer Schlager-Queen", Bruno (58) and Ida Egli (54) have been splitting into ten years of parenting. Your ex-husband has not worked for a long time at a family farm shop: "We know that we are separated from the village. But we have officially been working this year. " At the beginning of 2018, the couple divorced after 33 years of marriage and divorced in 2008.

In the "CCSS" in the Egg, the parents were victorious

In other words, when Beatrice Egli won the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" in 2013, when all the media published Eggild's happy family photos, parents had dropped out for a long time – a great family idol for the hit world. For photographers, divorced couples lived together in a family home at Pfäffikon SZ. In addition, his father, Bruno, for a long time immigrated. "We were very kind. We do not need lawyers, it's great, "explains Ida Egli. Why does the media keep up with the image of a happy couple?

His father is not on the site Bruno

From a professional point of view, Beatrice Eglis works together on a par with parents, and Egli Cathering AG's restaurant works together. Bruno is not far from his ex-wife, Alendorf, in the neighborhood.

However, predictable times of family success are known. From Metzgerey-am-Dorpzz's website a well-known portrait of Eglis's daughter Beatrice, mother Ina and her father Bruno disappeared. In the new photos there are two sons of Ida Egli – Carl (33) and Marcel (28).

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