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"Caves of Astar": The Animal Season Final


Season end. The show, founded by the Cave of Lions, arrives on Tuesday evening at home for the fifth time. In the last twelve episodes, the "lions" were always bewildered. The first episode, initiated by Carmen Maschmeyer, Ralf Dümmel and Franck Tlenen, is based on the Mediengruppe RTL, "the strongest ever since the show began." Some of the founders' ideas were awarded by investors making deals worth a million dollars, others strictly restricted, and others have repeatedly disputed.

Vox format shifts to the next round and is now approved. The new lawyer will then support the "LeVen" package. Orthomol CEO Niels Glauteut, founder of Twitter, such as Ralph Dummel or Frank Tennen, who wants to partially resign from the "Revolution" or "The Lions Cave" by Judith Williams Hashtag #DHDL comments, does not appear. Of course, he will be seeing Vox at 8.15 pm and maybe ask, "How much is the fish?"

This is the first three founder of the "Lions Caves" finalist:

Caroline Hirt from Switzerland is one of Brazil's largest food fish, Piraruki Stylish, stylish fashion accessories «Realtrue». Hints: Polluted and polluted fish skins are processed in high quality leather bags and backpacks. Hirth demands 30,000 euros of the company's 150,000 euros. But fish and lions – are they compatible with each other?

The lion's hand

The first founder provides enough meat: From Hamburg, Ginrich Karstensen grows his Galloway cattle. His partner, Lina Luis, offers Kip a website EinStückLand has a gallowing of farmers from northern Germany. Specific features: Clients can choose from two different meat packages and slaughter it only when the animal is sold completely. For the 200,000 Euros, the founders will give ten percent of the company's shares. The lions know that their lips are naked, but are they also bruising?

The Next Gadget

If you can not taste the ideas of the "lion", you can use it here: Safafah is a spray designed to protect animals in a stylish design with bright colors and glowing stones. Small, comfortable and beautiful – it's Tahnee Laternser and Julian Straube from Dusseldorf. The small size animal's repellent spray is a lipstick and can be solved. Dealwunsch: 20 percent to 100,000 Euros. Does it fit into one of the costumes of Ralf Dümmels?

Lionheart Warmer

If in the "lions" or spectators the meat load of the final stomach has been stomach, The solution of «Troya». Benjamin Ochmer and Volker Jungor in Munich offer their 'innovative and safe' hot water bottle, which will warm up for a long time and reduce the risk of burns. How? The first salt salt is originally removed from the hot water and released automatically later. Your transaction request: up to 200,000 euros in 15 per cent. Is the lion's heart highly appreciated here?

Lion Roll Tamer

Diana, a former founder and Michael Fayer, from Switzerland, claimed to own a "lion" and advertise their ads. Investment advantages of "Tonefit". The fitness belt can work as a cross trainer and can help Ralf Dümmelke with Currywurst-with-Pommes figure. But does he want to make 200 thousand euros for 20 percent?

The lion is beautiful

One thing: Definitely Frank Hart, the founder of the city of Cologne, has to be "Man Upgrader," mandatory for every stress lion. After this last "lion", the kings of the "cave" in red and dark circles are well-equipped with a wide assortment of products of Judith Williams. So you want to invest up to 75,000 euros in ten percent?

From Aminal Sol / RND

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