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"Circulation" in HIV infection – Switzerland: Standard


The repair work was successful. After some events, the number of new HIV infections in 2017 has dropped to 500. According to the Federal Health Administration (FOPH), the prophylactic policy of recent years has contributed to this.

Last year 445 new cases were registered, which is 16% less than in 2016. "We are confident that this will be a major overhaul," said Daniel Koch, a FOPH federal parliament speaker on Monday. By the end of the 1980s there were about 2000 new infections per year. Ten years later, this figure dropped to 500 and then rose again.

Unchanged, especially for men, only women can do 22 percent New HIV Events. Two-thirds of women are foreigners. For foreigners, the proportion of foreigners is low 50 percent.

Also in men with high risk of sex with men. More than half of newly infected have been infected this way. Last year, the average number of new HIV infections was recorded in Zurich and Geneva Lake: two HIV-infected people in these key areas were identified.

Effective treatment

Koh has tracked the development of preventive measures and campaigns in recent years. Systematic testing of preventive maintenance. Voluntary counseling and testing centers last year increased the number of HIV 11 percent, BAG reports Monday. The number of tests for men who have sex with men has decreased 20 percent for.

Regular testing helps prevent new infections that do not know if the infected person is HIV-positive. Additionally, treatment can be started quickly, resulting in good results. According to the BAG, it is possible to reduce the burden of viral healing today so that the HIV infected person is no longer infectious.

The rubber is still one of them

That's why Matias Cavassini, head physician at CHUV hospital in Lausanne, said: There are oral chemistry preparations for relatively new people with high risk of exposure. This training will play a great role in the future, "Cavani commented.

Koh, however, warns of these positive changes: HIV is an unhealthy disease. "It still applies: there are suspicious sex bands belonging to the condominium".

Today, the severity of the disease will be reflected in new estimates by 2017 Up to 6080 cases of AIDS. Most of the victims have been completed 50 years old, said Koç. "They are not risky and can not be tested."


There is also good news about other sexually transmitted diseases. In recent years, after the strong growth, the number of infections has stabilized. In 2017, there were 754 syphilis messages, 11111 chlamydia cases and 2809 gonorrhea cases. Whether it's a major repair or not.

About 60 percent of these infections are related to men who have sex with men. The proportion of gonorrhea was less than 40 percent. Chlamydia is mainly found in women, which is associated with simple examinations. These infections are struggling with many secrets, says Koch. (SDA)

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