Tuesday , January 31 2023

Documentary at the Theater in Zurich "Auerhaus"


For the first time in Switzerland, the LAB Junges Theater has put the novel "Auerhaus" in the novel Bov Bjerg in Zurich Vinkelvis. Eight-grade ensemble tells about the infection of the suicidal Frederic game.

Kinker Winkelwiese put me in a small basement room with a half-pipe. This is satisfactory, because in the life of these young people the flat contribution in the German province is high, low, high and low.

Even if you go to school with bicycle, there is still a reservation. At the same time, stealing stolen, stolen from shop or snapshots, and talking to him, sometimes it is clear that the novelist is also an Egyptian artist in his or her own and interesting conversations.

Five young men in everyday clothes (Paula Herrmann) Frieder (Balazs Genes), his friend Hope (Roman Kwitch), his daughter Vera (Robi Graf), Charly Boanyah and Jasmin Gloor.

Beauchamp has dubbed the novel from the Höppner and Vera memories for adults, and director Anina Dullin-Vicci doubled these two drawings with Mattias Roth and Anna-Katarina Muller. Finally, Mathias Cormin deals with various roles, including his neighbor.

There is Frédé, who strives to take his life in the middle of a concert. Among the gadgets and musical environments, four other WGs try to strengthen Friedrich's will. They do not do it without the moral club, they make the youth open and curiously. All of this looks like something like a common practice.

The ensemble is delighted with WG-Tohuwabohu. The director sets the speed and does not stagger for 90 minutes. Rhythmic music and strong atmospheric sound (Marcel Gschwend) promote a successful evening.

Author: Carl Wust, x-interculture

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