Monday , December 6 2021

EHC Red Bull München arrives in Schwennein on Thursday


In the last years of Nuremberg 's clothing – Elizabeth Thursday for the first time in the Red Bull Ice

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The German Cup is over. EHC Red Bull Munich will be back to the league on a daily basis everyday. This is a new debut for Yasin Eliks in Munich apparel.

Schwenninden – the German Cup is over, on Thursday, at Red Bulls DEL. At 19.30 o'clock in Chevragon will meet EHC Red Bull München specialists. Then continue the work that was started before the short break. The explosion of ice cream in Munich wants to expand the path to victory in the league and the eighth successful series. And this was not the case with the employees concerned. The head coach Don Jackson should continue to abandon such trends as Trevor Parks, Micha Wolf, Mads Christensen and Patrick Hager … Even young Justin Schutz has been injured. Located on board the new Yasin Ehllis and celebrating his first match in Munich, Switzerland.

At any rate, the coach has a great deal of hope for 25-year-olds. Jackson: "Yasin is perfectly suited to our team, now and in the future. He's a great player. " This week, Eflat finished his first training with his new team and immediately inspired. "We had a good union. It was fun with guys, "Elisey says. But he still needs to learn a new system, says the international.

However, it does not have much time to learn. The fight after the Swanning took place on Tuesday before the heavyweight champion's Straubing (16:30) before the Champions League was severe. Then return to Zug (Switzerland) in the second round. After a 2: 3 defeat in the second round, he is now able to win or fly.

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