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Kevin Anderson set the record for ATP's first final: 2.03 meters, the biggest player in the tournament. And even when John Isner moved to London, the foolish Anderson's best brand was a one-day inventory. Although it is 2.08 meters long, it is still five centimeters.

Never before has there been such big names before the season's final. The average size of 8 players is 1.93 meters. This is also a new high. Ten years ago, the first eight were on average six inches shorter.

"Federer's coach, Severin Lutti, says," The number of people is growing. " From this point of view this development is logical. The elderly had to adapt their game, to be successful, to be successful. Just do not open it. "Today, 210 km / h service is provided. It is also called a monster that serves as Gaussin. The elders also had to earn some other points. "

Pioneer Del Potro

The first was Juan Martin Del Potro, which surprised the good 1.98 meters. It was in the US Open 2009 in the open Roger Federer At the age of 20, many people thought that the prototype of a modern player was. But then she wears her wrists. Argentina is the Grand Slam champion – the winner of the Wimbledon 1996, Richard Krechek (1.93 meters).

Anderson was in the two Grand Slam final. Luthi considers him to be the most virtuous of Hyundai with Alexander Zverev. Anderson, in London, says that at the beginning of his career, he opened a large store. "It's a clean technique, some patterns of movement and, of course, strong enough."

Video: Two big duel players

In Wimbledon, Kevin Anderson and John Inner play against epic duel (Video: SRF)

Ludy says Anderson has a lot to do in managing his or her own area. "When he's in the rally, you know how big it is. But it's a lot to do, "he says. On the way to South Africa, he has learned not only the transversal but also the grid. " For example, Zverev has a chance to improve.

SRF expert Heinz Gunthardt, on average, has an average of 1.80 meters, and today he is considered one of the youngest. "Of course, the measurement brings some benefits, does not take into account service and range," Zurich said. "First of all, on fast documents, the two most important strikes are service and return. Because you have a great achievement. One should be compensated by his flexibility, like Kei Nishikori. "

The golden part

Also, as Roger Federer shows, you can serve 1.85 meters well. "His work is more effective than Kilikik. So there is no shortage, but it has the advantage that it has the ability to lower its severity and severity. There is a golden attitude. " For the last 15 years, the length of the trio is 1.90 meters – Federer and Rafael Nadal 1,85, Novak Djokovic 1.88.

It is very difficult to win Grand Slam, Gunthardt, at 1.75 meters. "Because you just have good days. Then you need to serve as a supporter. " Two people at this height have become a professional era: Michael Chang (1989) and Gaston Gaudio (2004) in Paris.

However, Guntardt emphasizes that he is not a fan of statements tennis are. "The beauty of this sport will never be able to capture it. It's just complicated. (

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