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Frayer Frank eats his rod, as Frank Ribery meets



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Never betray the broom – this is what the "Bavaria" fans are

Benfica breathed easily after the 5: 1 victory against Lisbon, Bavaria Munich starred: Discussion on the future of team commander Niko Kovak was postponed.

  • On Tuesday night evening, he set a goal for a long time at the Allianz Arena stadium. Arjen Robben (13/30 minutes) and Robert Lewandowski (36/51) and Frank Ribery (76th place).
  • "This team has made a statement that they can do it," Kovak said immediately after the game.

The symbol of the unity of this special evening was replaced by Ribery with Kovak and Robben's first words: "I was really happy. It's ours, "said Dutchman Sky over Kovac.

Even fans of "Bavaria" are happy to enter the game.

Fanat wrote on Twitter in the 40th minute:

And Ribery "Heard" …

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Well, he did not have time for Twitter on Allianz Arena. Video: Stream

… on the 76th floor made a stand

epa07193810 Bayern Munich and Benfica Lisbon celebrate the match between Munich (Germany) on November 27, 2018, after defeat by Frank Ribery of UEFA Champions League E Group 5-1. EPA / PHILIPP GUELLAND "data-src =" http: //,B,0,0,3950,2633,1645,1097,658,438/1040566992171186 "style =" padding-bottom: 67%;

Photo: EPO / EPA

… and replied after the game.

No translation required.

And what did the fan of Bavaria do?

New culinary news:

Negative result:

An interesting idea was the Bayer fan, but still:


70 children are getting 3 professional footballers

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Video: Watson

The biggest Swiss football cup in Europe

The unforgettable events of League Championships

21.05.2008: John Terry's Big Bang: In the final of the first pure English championship, he put Chelsea to the Teard Mountain

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12/11/2002: Basel to play Liverpool 3: 3 and Beni Tlennir: "I'll show up when I die"

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26.05.1999: Schering and Solder are two names and you know what that is right

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28.05.1997: Lars Ruffic arrives and Borussia Dortmund becomes winner of Champions League

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18.04.2001: Image of the most popular team in the world – the former boxer will be the 12th person forever.

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25.05.2005: "Liverpool" won "Milan" for "six minutes of madness" and a duet jump – the best event

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23.05.2001: Olie Kach gets three penalties for Valencia in final CL and finally Titan

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25.09.1996: Murat Yakin releases his free kick in the center of Ayaks's heart and makes Mama Emin's cry

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28.05.1980: Underdog Nottingham again surprised Europe and offered an interesting record

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07.12.2011: FC Basel FC Manchester United left the Champions League, while Steini, a smooth man, attacked the ball against attack

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26.09.1995: Luganos Karrasko with Bananas Janluca Pagiol and his son Intermen

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30.09.2009: Thank you to Tikhansen Häckendrike, "Released in the Folk Dance of Finland", Zurich, Greater Milan

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03/18/2003: "Basel" controls only "small" feeling against "Yuve" – ​​big enough for four big goals

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01/04/1998: Jauch and Reef make an old ridiculous look at Madrid's goal scratches every moment

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29.09.1971: Instead of fulfilling the task "Too Explicit in the Economy", GC guarantees the victory of the Swiss Cup in Europe at all times.

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04.11.1992: Zion's dream of the group stage of the Champions League, but in spite of the attractive advantage in Portugal, the fastest 0: 4

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20.11.1996: About 20 minutes from Glasgow, the Champions League Finals Championship became a solid foundation of truth

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How the deaf child turns the Pope into a star and a Swiss hero

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