Saturday , June 19 2021

Greens want Tamer Glauser at the National Council

Tamiy Glauser is a successful example and is known all over the world as his Tamninik partner with his partner, Dominic Rindrichern. Now the green parties want to go to Burns and take them to the Federal Palace.

From Cinema to Bundeswehr: The Greens want to get Tami Glauser (33) for their party. "Green" national consultant Sibel Arslan (38 years old) suggested to visit his group in Berne: "We are just looking for a comfortable day".

A few weeks ago, he met Glauser as a table chauffeur for the Swiss Diversity Award. He immediately noticed the political commitment of the model. In addition, he was sure that Glauser would arrive at the GRUA's Arena Political Program in mid-May: "Tamiy worked fine and demonstrated his political potential," Arslan said.

Tamiy's father was a well-known SVP politician

Glaus welcomes the invitation to Bundeswehr: "I can imagine going to politics. I like to engage in important topics. " Former Miss Swiss partner Dominic Rindhornech (29) has been politically active in his everyday life and is advocating LGBTQ's Community and Climate Policies. In Twitter, he recently fought with FDP National Christian Vasserfeld (37) on climate change laws.

But where does his interest in politics come from? "I am a politician from my family. The interest in the topic lies in my genes, "concluded Glauser. In fact, the model with a political office will be on its way to his famous father, historian and Walther Hofer (93) of the National Council of SVP. "I think people know my biography, and they believe in me a lot. It's not just a cool picture of Tamia but it's just a matter of reducing it. "

"Glauser has all the important qualities of a politician"

Nationalist Adviser Sibel Arslan has a great future for Glauser's political future: "I want to hold it at the National Council. It will boost the parliament with fresh air, "says Härler. Glauser brings the weapons needed for the political arena: "His charisma is good for the topics, he can be trusted with his opinion, but at the same time, listening to the good is all the important qualities of a politician."

At a meeting at the Federal Palace, Arslan wants to tell his wife the daily political life of Berne and to introduce her to the important people. "Then Tamey can decide for himself where to go. Anyway, he is welcome to our party, "says Arslan. And lawyer: "I'm sure Tamia Glauser will not do anything in politics."

This is Sunday Tamy Glauser Gast shows from 10:00 until 22:30 at in the bedside show. Then ask him about love, joy, suffering, politics – and you want to know about it. At the party this model is celebrated by the book of merchants in Zurich, "Tami: I do not know what it is".

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