Saturday , January 28 2023

Heinz Ehler is a tiger


Successful trainer Heinz Ehlerse extended his contract with SCL Tigers for two years by 2020.

On Friday evening, Heinz Ehler said, "We had a good conversation on Wednesday. We love each other. " Now, SCL Tigers and Dat trainers have been contracted by the end of the season, ending in late June, up to two years to 2020.

Ehler was the head coach of Langnauern since October 2018 and has stabilized and raised the club. "The team's development in the last two seasons and the current results are a great achievement of the 52-year-old athlete," the club wrote. "Heinz lives according to the principle of execution and he is doing it consistently," said Marco Bayer, Sports Director. "We are confident that we will be able to achieve further succession of the trainer's staff".

"We have more quality"

After 19 stages, Emmentaler will be amazed by 29 points – on the sixth with eight points above the line.

Echinler, who twice ruled Lausanne in the playoffs, was even the last (Fiborg 3:10 …), and was delighted with the new Thatcher's mind. Good work has already been done in the preparation. "And we have a high quality."

Captain Pascal Berger: "We have many characters and winners. If we improve the quality of ice, we always have the opportunity to win. "

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