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Historical CL Lesson: The Atlético BBB high flare serves ice cold



Belgium suffered first defeat at Atletico Madrid.

Belgium suffered first defeat at Atletico Madrid.(Photo: imago / Action Plus)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Felix Towinghouse, Madrid

Atletico Madrid defeated Luisente Favre at the 16th meeting of the WBC. Prior to the Bayer Summit, the Bundesliga leaders are still cool and promise: "He is overheating."

At Madrid, Atlético, Atlético, Atlético de Madrid, Júgano, Gandono, Paleo, Massachusetts, Pasión are very impressive to hear the hymn intermittent listening and striking emotions in front of fans. "Atleti, Atleti, Atlético de Madrid, play and win, fans will always be jealous of passion.

It has a lot of power and impresses the opponent. The second club in the Spanish capital is the most difficult thing to offer in European football. Real, Barca, Bayern Munich and now you know Dortmund. At the last 21 games in the Atletico's Champions League, Argentina coach Diego Simeone has helped reach the age of 17 years.

The result of this tournament also won the Borussia Dortmund team 2: 0 and won with a score of 1: 0. Lucien Favre was the 16th in the Champions League's first defeat. The club was depressed, because each of them was confident. "It was the first defeat, but life is going on," says Capt. Marco Reus. Manuel Manuel Ancanzi says, "It might be the Atletico.

"We Can Live With It"

Sebastian Kell, who has been head of the licensing department for several months, "has made it a habit to avoid defeat," but she is finally coming and deserving: "It's not a broken leg, we can live with it." Favre appeared at a press conference after the final whistle: "We lost to a very good team," Atletico "played for seven years in Europe for eight years, we tried to play but he scored a lot of points, missed a lot of mistakes. «

Atletico coach Diego Simeone has singled out BVB for the second time before singing a song to the opponent's Bundesliga. With 0-4 in Dortmund, the biggest defeat in Argentina was the opponent: "In a fantastic way, they are just one of the best teams in Europe."

Simeone and his companion had learned the lesson from Dortmund's Corner. The Atletico has slightly reduced the conflict and opened any part of the opponent. There was lesson 90 minutes to explain how to prepare an opponent, and then left it cold.

Wait for the game against Bavaria

Atletico showed the Bavarian international team how effective it was. The Spanish sends their opponents, leaving them with 68% of the ball possession and then punching the right injuries. Ownership of 32% was 15 goals for smart hosts and allowed only four finals of the opponent. Borussia was a lesson on effective and successful football play. Borussia Dortmund scored four goals, none of them reached goal – data for the Champions League since 2003. "There were balls in places where we could not help you," says Kehl.

The Bavaria team carefully looks at it and makes the right decision on Saturday when it comes to the Bundesliga summit: If the enemy is not in danger zones, leave the ball on Witsel and Delaney defense clocks and delivery. The BVB can do its best to attack.

"Atletico's rooms were very tight, and it was very difficult for us," said Reus. "We found some solutions. Now it is the first defeat of the season. Fawr has denied the match against Bayern Munich in Madrid. Kehl spoke about "the learning process for the young team". The German language is awaiting "Clasico", which does not fall in this region. "There is still much time to prepare for Tuesday, Saturday," Kell says, "there is a home play that heats up."



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