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How to Make Piano With Your Kids – News Digital: Mobil

It is still incomplete in 2018, but for me the most impressive technological innovation has already been set. No, this is not a high quality tablet, no smartphone and no camera that is a cardboard box.

Practically in the box Nintendo Labo (70 francs) has only pre-cut cardboard sheets, several glue and rubber stones. Without technology, of course, no. There is a floppy diskette cardboard set. The kit is based on the latest portable console of Nintendo, the Switch (330 francs).

Depending on the set you can create a remote-controlled car, a fishing roster, a robotic backpack or a piano from the console and a controller that receives it. This summer, I was impressed by the radio remote control. I do not remember the last time I met such artworks as experiments, reading, and gaming.

The car was controlled, or, conversely, the UFO, the switches, and the switches acted as engines. With their oscillations, they point the cardboard machine to the left or to the right. If you have infra-red signs, you can drive the car yourself. And only the maximum half of this construction time was the simplest of the five sets in the box.

He asked for patience

For the biggest test, piano, you need two and a half and three and a half hours, "Nindeno thinks. Now the weather is not so good, it's a great time to overcome it.

The young team from home, the dining room was cleaned, the phone was silent, and it could begin. It was clear that the project was not very trivial. If you need a few pieces for your machine, you need several sheets of paper with many details for the piano.

You first encased the case, then you flipped the keys. The Nintendo connector will take you step by step. You can roll back if you do not understand something. Always have a stable, sticky, and sticky tape. It's not always unclear what you're up to right now, but you'll be illuminated when you integrate it with other parts.

Two and a half hours of water and two water drowned. There is a mini-piano with 13 keys. Now you have to enter the switch and the red controller. The piano is made by a high-precision machine, not a semi-talent hobbyist.

Not as impressive as everyone else, piano works far better than fantastic scenes. A cheap plastic piano for kids is a joke for her. The cardboard buttons are not surprisingly good, and do not work perfectly with any fingerprint or cables.

The latter explains the secret Labo application on the switch. At the back of each key there is a small reflector that comes with the infrared sensor set on the red controller every time you press each key. Then, radio will report on the tablet to the tablet, which keys will be printed, and which sound will be played.

Change and distort sound

Cylinders, disks and buttons, as well as cardboard, are converted into piano mini synthesizers. This way you can change the sounds in different ways. Yes, you can write the piano and distort the note. Many sensors installed on the tablet and on the controller were out of the reach of these casual players.

Nintendo piano is also engaged in "Throne of the Throne" composer Ramin Jawadi.

By the way, construction is amazingly stable. The piano kept the concerts of a three-year-old teenager and a teenage goddess.

Conclusion: For the previous generation, a steam engine or chemistry kit is now Labo for children: a great combination of technology, research and fun. Smart children should, of course, use the excuse to come to the gaming console. (

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