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Like BBV: scallops Ousmane Dembélé – Barca – BVB



As with BVB: The situation around Ousmane Dembéle is coming to an end – now Barca is discussing that ultimatum

20/11/2018 12:20

As BVB, Ousmane Dembélé is concerned about Barcelona.

As BVB, Ousmane Dembélé is concerned about Barcelona.

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Eat. It is not just calmness Ousmane DembéléFormer player Borussia Dortmund Barcelona has many challenges. Now Barcelona has become a former professional BVB chest weapon

According to Spanish sports magazine "Sport", Barca puts his scandal in the ultimatum. Accordingly, it poses a threat Ousmane Dembélé Next week, if the old guy is a kiosk BVB it does not alter its action at once.

Former BVB star Ouman Demeley: Is it time to go to Barcelona?

Even the team's speeches. The Star of War, Luis Suarez, said:Ousmane Dembélé and should respond in some ways. "

Suarez says: "Oman Demel knows that football is a privilege for every player. Barca has professional players and can serve as an example for them. She hopes to learn more. "

Is Barcelona selling a troublesome boy for Dambhez?

"Bars" is ready to offer a 21 year old girl in the winter, "wrote Sports. If the club offered a transfer fee of € 100 million, the catalons were happy to talk.

+++ Ex-BVB scandal Ousmane Dembélé Barca until the end of the stock market – is he going to this club now? +++

Ouman Demeley came to 105 million euros in the summer of 2017 Borussia Dortmund The FC moved to Barcelona. Different bonuses are about 40 million euros in total BVB flow. The changes caused Dembeek to be followed by a training strike.

Barcelona Demembé also wrote many negative headlines from his transfer – it was not his fault at first. It lasted several months because of permanent damage.

About +++ national trainer Dememba: "I know its reasons" +++

Ousmane Dembélé – his scandal in Barkana

Once the French national player was back again, he was again known as a scary one. Barack Scandal:

  • Demebel was criticized by his coach, Ernesto Valverde, for his lack of commitment to defense.
  • Her fitness trainer Demélé accused him of eating too fast, and his health was harsh.
  • After the game, Demélé went to Marrakech illegally to celebrate with his friends.
  • Last week, Dammel was not shown during the training and later reported his illness. Predicted gastrointestinal illnesses were, however, but justified. As you know, Dammel played video games all night long (here all history).
  • Demerlent's former owner, Dortmund, now claims 15,562 Euros. Also, Dammel leaves the catastrophic apartment. 5033.70 Euro must be paid to Damel, the owner is required (all regions here).
  • Debble is often too late for regular exercise or group meetings. Also at the meeting with the Champions League "Inter Milan", he arrived at the agreed meeting place. Result: The debut went off the hole for 90 minutes.

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