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Middle-edge edge: Tradition: 40 years Audi 80 / Audi 90 (B2)


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Middle class Edge show Tradition: 40 years Audi 80 / Audi 90 (B2)

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Tradition: 40 years Audi 80 / Audi 90 (B2) is a medieval show Tradition: 40 years Audi 80 / Audi 90 (B2) is a medieval show

Its newest editions include the famous Audi 80 (B2) medieval million dollar earnings (with GLS since 1978), decorated with Edgy figures,

Source: Audi AG Corporate Archive

Is this a new Volvo or Audi 100? The company based in Ingolstadt was annoyed by experts in 1978. Buyers have achieved a successful middle class million success. With five cylinders and full wheel, Audi 80 accelerates the premium for the first time.

SP-X / Cologne. Ferdinand Pich, the new chief technology tech company, has achieved a lot. Forty years ago, the grandson of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche gradually came to terms with the brand Mercedes and BMW, with four rings, which he marked as a technical avant-garde of the Second World War. In this regard, Piëch recently had to upgrade the Audi 100 to Audi 80 (B2) and a new generation of Audi 90 (B2) in the middle of the new Nobel. In the autumn of 1978, Ingolstadt introduced a fully modified two-and four-door interior bike, which significantly increased in all dimensions compared to the actual proportion of the predecessor. The length of the 16 centimeters was 4.38 meters, and the wheel base was about 2.54 meters (7 inches) in diameter. This was the BMW 3 Series or the Saab 99 class, and was previously in close contact with Audi V (80) (B1), the partner of VW Passat. Initially, both the media and first-time buyers were not suspected of a 1982 quattro full-wheel, but gained points with new security technology such as the Audi 80 optimized explosive zone. In addition, many viewers have aerodynamic objects of aggressive Bavarian Limousines, which have led to optimal associations with turbine swedes in bricks design. Designers of the Audi 80 have not only had a great visual experience with the six Audi-100 models and the six large window sills, but also a classic laptop sedan that was perfectly equipped in the 1970s. In the decade, the car has been used as a sign of social status. However, designers of the Audi 80 were waiting for the events of the 80s. Decade was marked by technological revolutions in the automotive industry, "high tech". Powerful drives and new technologies are compact and delighted by the young men decorated with car symbols, such as the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes 190. By the way, Audi has good access to this era, especially since 1980, with 80 CDs equipped with extravagant. In March 1980, the Audi Quattro quattro – the Audi 80 (B2) and the Audi Quattro Quatro Audi Quattro 80 Quattro 5E Audi, which was released in November 1982, and the second Audi-Quattro 5-cylinder-Einspritzer with any regular engine and a 2.1-liter steering wheel. Religious status. The absolute speculation of the evolutionary history of the Audi 80 sedans was chosen in 1984 as a luxury liner for camouflage wearing the Audi 90, but largely revealed its incredible features through the front and backlit lighting elements. Of course, he respects the success of the renovated Ingolstadt, such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes 190, but has begun. Together with the avant-garde airfield, we had to correct the third generation of Audi 80 (B3), released in 1986. Audi 80 (B2) has upgraded the Opel Ascona, Ford Taunus, and VW Passat to one third of its German registration statistics for its mixed-pairing performance. 1.6 million units of Ingolstadt were sold, of which 1.2 million were four times the sedan. In fact, in the '80s, the middle-class models of two-door doors ended, so Audi 90 only had four doors. Pièch Who was the designer of the Audi 80? Before the introduction of the body's basic concept in the early 80's, Audi's 80 opponents, the BMW 3 Series (E30), and the 80th USSR ballot. Audio 80 (B2) is very important for the final form, but Italian designer Georgetto Jujgiaro's artwork, after successful golf, was systematically ordered by VW Group. Clevely, Giugiaro united the wishes of Ingolstadt Security Researchers, who updated Audi 80, approaching Swedish standards. For example, a larger front edge of the extended heel zones was required, and the doors provided greater security thanks to massive side effects. In addition, the new modeling has prevented the steering column from entering the interior. There's been a lot more under the bonnet: The five cylinders celebrate the holiday for every hit and for four-wheeled audi fans – it's VV, built by the light car of Audi first. Iltist originally won the Ur-Quattro's rally champion title, and the newly designed four-cylinder petrol engine Snow King in the 80s and 90s was regarded as a low emission of Audi Future Engine. This 1.8-liter engine, according to Audi, "will have to measure these cars in the future." It can be hard to believe that although today's Audi has been fined several millions due to manipulation, the brand Vorsprung durch Technik has already set specific emission standards. 66 kW / 90 hp At the beginning of 1984, the Audi 80 C introduced three self-regulating three catalytic catalytic converters, and five years of technology was mandatory. In the future Audi 80 was "Formula E". It was introduced in 1981 with a capacity of 63 kW / 85 hp. The petrol engine is based on the fifth mechanism, which is automatically activated and prolonged. It was enough to press the button to turn the engine off. However, to avoid accidental start, the chassis must be switched on at the start and the accelerator pedal must be held simultaneously. Audi Knauser is too complicated for rare customers who weigh 910 pounds. About 30 percent of the Formula E car has been consuming 8.5 liters in the urban cycle, compared to typical Audi 80, which means the Fiat Panda standard of the micro car already. The Ferdinand was enough to keep Pisc's uplift model for eight years. When the Audi 80 (B2) went to the same title in 1986, the premium manufacturer could not abandon all the wheels' instructions. Audi 80 and auxiliary wheels start a four-wheel drive. Technical data: Shezhire 1966: The first Audi 80 (F103 Series) models were the first models in September 1972: the presentation of the first generation Audi 80 (B1) in the form of two and four times sedans in 1977: In March, Audi 80 won the Volkswagen Iltis A lightweight car with four wheels: Audi will be able to produce a version of the 80-hectare Audi in May. In August there was a sale of the second engine as a four-door sedan with Audi 80 (B2) petrol and diesel engine, with only four cylinder and four-wheel drive wheels. In March 1979, Audi 80 had a two-door sedan with gasoline and diesel engine, with only four cylinders was. The two doors were built in August 1984. Launch four or five-cylinder gasoline of the brand Audi 4000 North America and a four-cylinder diesel with two or four door sedans. Although Audi has achieved success with Quattro, Audi has been using the Touring Cup in Europe for 80 Europe from 1979 to 1981. In March 1980, Audi Coupé with four and five-cylinder petrol engines was presented. Also the new Audi Quattro Coupe ("Urquattro"). Australian car Hans-Joachim Novak and Wilhelm Bergmeyer will be in the Audi 80 (B2) European Championship in 1981: a four-door sedan with a five-cylinder petrol and a four-cylinder diesel engine on the Audi 80 CD in August. In addition, the Audi 80 80 horsepower was launched as "Formula E". To stop the engine, press the button. To start, just press the clutch and press the accelerator. 1982: Since March special version of Audi 80 LC. In November, a two-and four-door sedan, the launch of the Audi 80, is only a five-cylinder petrol. Audi 80 sedan is the second Audi model with the second wheel drive. After three years, Audi has offered 20 different types of Quattro in 45 different types. 1983: Two-door Audi 80 Sparquattro new. In March, the North American car was released as a two-and four-door sedan with the Audi 4000 Quattro petrol engine. Year end Audi 80 SC 1984 Special Edition: The trouble with Audi and Audi 4000 in August and August is the same. Model versions are still the four-door sedan as Audi and Audi 80 and Quattro as well as the Audi 4000 S. for North America. The new top is Audi 550, five-cylinder petrol and four-cylinder four-door sedan. Only the Audi 90 quattro with five cylinder petrol engines. The North American version is represented as the Audi 4000 CS quattro. At the end of the year a new version of the Audi Coupés 1985: a new version of the Audi 80 SC 1986: the third generation of Audi 80 (B3, Type 89) in the autumn is a four-door sedan debut. 1987: Introduction of Audi 90 Audi 80 The luxury version of 1991: On May 17, the last Urquattro Ingolstadt plant will leave the B2 meeting room. Since August 1978, the B2 series (Audi 80/90 / Coupé / quattro) has reached 1,595,762 vehicles that have been built around 13 years of production; 2018: Audi 80 (B2) is 40 years old and the Audi forum in Ingolstadt reminds visitors to special exhibits devoted to the history of this bestseller. Production Performance: Audi Audi Coupe (B2) 166,222 units (1981-1987), Audi quattro (B2) 11,452 units (1980-1991), Audi A2 (1978-1991), Audi Audi Coupe (B2) , Audi quattro sport 214 units (1984-1986). Important engines Audi 80 B2 / Audi 90 B2: Audi 80 with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine (40 kW / 55 hp with a four-cylinder engine of 1.3 liters or 44 kW / 60 hp) , Audi 80 (55 kWh), Audi 80, 75 hp with 8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. or 66 kVA / 90 hp. or 81 kW / 110 hp. or 82 kW / 112 hp) Audi 80 (85 kW / 115 hp) with a 5-cylinder gasoline engine with a 5-liter cylinder petrol engine (85 kW / 115 hp) of 2.1 liters Audi 80, 2.0-liter five-cylinder petrol engine with a cylinder gasoline engine (1.6 kW / 136 PS 4-cylinder diesel (80 kW / hr 40 kW / 54 hp / 51 kW / 70 hp) Audi-90 (84 kW / 113 hp or 85 kW Audi-90 90-kW 5-cylinder petrol engine (85 kW / 115 hp or 100 kW / 136 hp) is a 2.2-liter 5-liter Audi Quattro (88 kW / 120 hp 100 kW / 136 hp) cylinder petrol engine with four 1.6-liter four cylinders with diesel engine (51 kW / 70 hp) Audi 90.

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