Sunday , October 17 2021

"My house is finished"

American actor Gerard Butler lost his home. (Photo: Instagram)

US singer Miley Cyrus (USA) lost her home due to fires in California. It's like Thomas Gottskhalk and Gerard Butler.

"My house is gone, but my memories are shared with my family and friends," he wrote on Twitter on Monday morning. Despite the material costs, he says he is one of "the happiest": "My animals and the love of my life have made it," the singer thanked the fire department and the police.

The 25-year-old has gone through several months of social networking. Kir House was joined by the moderator Thomas Gottshall, and the bush and forest fire were eliminated.

Two and a half years ago, 68 years ago, he sold his own hotel to the singer. Corrousle 's friend, Australian actor Liam Heemsworth is 28 years old. It is unknown whether it has been destroyed by fire first.

Fully affected by my society. I am one of the best. MY POPE AND MY LOVE That made this safety and it is already there. My home is no longer, but my memories are shared with my family and friends. I am grateful for that

Gotzkholk struck

Thomas Gottschalk (68) The Malibu villa was hit by a fireball shooting. "I can not say anything because I miss the words." Gottschalk The "Picture" newspaper since Monday. "On the wall, Reiner found the song" Pantera "in Maria Rilke's handwriting. It has also been filled with flames, as my children are always in a fierce staircase. "

A Private Private Private Property Agency of the German Private Property Agency (68) has been burnt down. He held a charity gala in Germany for children, "he said Gottschalk,

Butler shot

Even American actor Gerard Butler (48) lost his home due to fires in California. Instagram posted on Sunday local time. To do this, she published a photo that shows a smoke-filled smoke.

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