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Nekker Cup is an exclusive tennis tournament


For example, Necker Island is similar to a tennis complex located on the private island of Richard Branson. Photo: twitter

This is the most exclusive tennis tournament of the year

At present, the exclusive tennis tournament in the world is held on the island of Richard Branson, several billionaires in the Caribbean. Only those who are popular or have a lot of money can participate.

Nekker Island – 0.29 sq km on the north-east of the Caribbean Virgin Islands. It is 840 meters in length, 650 meters in width, and most of the British billionaire Richard Branson since 1979. The founder of the Bogatyr is a private tennis player and is called the "Necker Cup" every year, the tournament for celebrities and those who want it.

Teams for the tournament winners include 16 amateur and 34 ATP and WTA experts from 24 to 29 November in an exclusive resort for 34 guests and 100 employees. This year, Caroline Wozniacki, Bjorn Borg, Serena Williams, Tommy Haas, Pat Cache, Tanny Sandgren, Gene Bouchard and many others.

Birds' tennis courts. Picture: screenshot google maps

The Brandon Tournament will allow the rich players to compete with the best players in the world. The game is played with one team and at least two amateurs. When calling an elite tennis elite, the other candidates must dig deeper into their pockets.

Question: Richard Branson is a leader here.

The cost of a six-day trip for those wishing to take part in the tournament is $ 115,000. But observation is not a problem for $ 90,000. Because you are still in the Icelandic resort of Nekker, which has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma and reopened this year. A $ 45,000 tennis tournament is a five-day stay in an exclusive adjacent island daily. The tournaments will be spent for charity.

Exercise is an exciting organizer. That's why Brenton prepared a preview of Maria Sharapova, Former World No. 1, as the Hitting Partner. It seemed useful: after three games, a 68-year-old girl is still awkward.

Sharapova with Branson in tennis court … Photo: twitter

… and chess game. Photo: twitter

For Nekker Cup, tennis players sometimes break from day-to-day tournaments. The social media lady, Jean Bouchard (WTA 88) has a funny answer. Thanks to 24-year-old Canadian Instagram, 1.8 million readers give different insights into their everyday life.

Good weather guarantee!

Enjoy the company:

Bouchard knows how to play. Picture: instagram

Yes, tennis and genius played. Picture: instagram

Good, break. Picture: Instagram

But exceptional Bouchard, Vozniecki, and former poker sprinter Tony G shows how beautiful life is at the Branson Resort.

There is a Vozniac pool:

Wozniacki's poker "Tony G" and his wife. Photo: twitter

By the way, Toni G is known as Anatanas Guga in real life and not only in poker, but also a politician. From 2014 to 2016, he became a member of the European Parliament for the LRLS Liberal Party.

On the way to the Tony G Island:

Bouchard, Vozniatski and Tony G are not known, as Nicol Gibbs. The 25-year-old American is the 124th birthplace of the world and at the age of four, the ITF has not been named for the first time since they had been in Belin Benchic's final in Las Vegas before Nekker was on his way to Iceland.

Nickol Gibbs, Nick Monroe and Daniel Nestor are on beach volleyball. Photo: twitter

Branson fully satisfied!

Not surprisingly, his tennis tournament is a complete achievement. Photo: Twitter

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