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"No, I'll tell you" – Switzerland: Standard


They violate their principle: "You only run Bundesrat once," you said eight years ago. You know you won now, do you just want to collide?

I can not be sure that I will win. His candidacy remains a risk. That's true: The subject of the Federal Council is over for me. However, after the election last year, Ignacio Cassin started the process for me. In my enthusiastic talk, I thought there was a two-way support. I also share the seven-year experience of the Council with me. I knew Karin in 2010 by 2018: do not do it!

It feels like your first nomination.

No, at that time I started out in my party and in Eastern Switzerland. But as a stranger, I had no chance. This will compete with you when you come from outside and in the face of Bundesbank.

Otherwise, everything looks good. They refer to all circulation that exceeds the usual national average. What can you do?

Much to Do! For example, I'm not a mathematical or musical talent. At school, I already felt this way: I focused on what I liked – less than anything else. If I love my responsibilities, I will help her.

There are three new women in Bundesrat. Doris Logarct thinks that many women in government have taken bold decisions.

This is the problem of an individual. There are also white women. I dislike being put down on the floor. But I think it's important for women to have enough in Bundesrat for other reasons. They have a great responsibility in the community, work, work in the family, pay taxes. Therefore, women should be involved in government.

Is there a special femininity policy?

In this policy, women are vulnerable, emotionally vulnerable and less analytic. Spectrum as wide as men. Still, women's lives are different. As a bourgeois politician, for example, quota or salary analysis, I believe it's not a good way to achieve real equality. I share goals with women – no measures. The key is to compare work and family life.

Are you taking on gender equality measures for you?

For example, I was involved in domestic violence in the St. Gallen Justice Directorate and the Council. For me, women living in their homes can not feel safe and at ease. That's why I support efforts aimed at strengthening the legal protection of the victims of the Suspect's case, Simonetta Sommaruga. I also think it's best to reconcile my work and my family as the key to true equality.

For guardians, this is a good guaranty for parental leave or parental leave.

It's not clear how to turn roles off just a few weeks off. Or you live in a peer-to-peer relationship, or you choose classic roles. You can not afford a new role for men with a 14-day vacation. There are many requirements in a country where social change is a manifestation. But the state can not afford everything.

Eastern Switzerland to give you more impression on Bundesbank. How will your appearance affect?

East Switzerland says they are very smart. They rely on their responsibility, but not for the budget, but in a careful and accurate way from Bundeswehr. I can not deny that genetically just part of it. (Laughs)

They do not have many mandates from the private sector, but they are successful. You must only earn 240,000 francs as members of the Board of Directors of Baloise Insurance. ,,

,, that is not much. There are 175,000 francs, including blocked shares.

Do you mean that you deserve it in general?

No, I will not tell you that. I am a normal citizen, and like any other citizen, earnings is a personal matter. Also, there is no connection to the office of the Federal Council.

You spoke openly about your encumbrances, but it's a personal matter.

I talked about it because it's already open. Federal Elections Before 2010, I spoke to the Welsh TV show about childhoodhood. If I was one of those women without a career, I asked the camera. So I agreed to tell the truth.

If you accept the Department of Internal Affairs, you are responsible for the insurance sector. If you make a lot of money now in this area, can you be sure of that role?

Yes, maybe. I could not guarantee my independence until 2020, which could have reduced the exchange rate in the second column. Also, I do not find the demand for the depreciated exchange rate. Even he was right in this matter.

But in 2020, pensions are not a bright surface of parliamentarism. They did not compromise and took part in salvation.

Unfortunately, we were looking for a compromise to the point when it was not successful. Moreover, with the President of CVP, Gerhard Pfister, 70 without ACL frank, we would have made public the reform. It's right.

As a member of the Government, you are responsible for the shelter zone. Later on, you're deliberately switching to other topics. Now you may have to get back to the Department of Justice and thus the system of asylum. Would it be right for you?

That would be right for me. (laughs) I will not update them on these topics. But the Department of Justice was an interesting task.

What can you do differently in Asylum Policy than Simonetta Sommouw?

Most importantly, fast, effective procedures are important. This will result in major repairs and fraud. From the outset, some shelter seekers need to pour pure wine and even distribute them to cantons.

But justice department will save you. ,,

Anyway, my goal is not to be the head of the department. I wish the federal advisors act as a body and document the overall will.

Therefore, other Federal Advisers expect many reports from you.

I want to make a big contribution to the business of Bundesrat. This sometimes aggravates the need for irritation and time. But this leads to good results at the end. I'm sorry that the Federal Council is sometimes unable to provide a single line for the outside world. This, for example, was observed in European politics.

Do you believe that in two years we will reach an institutional framework agreement with the European Union?

This can not be ignored, but the alliance is currently invisible. For example, if we are dealing with the protection of wages, we will not compromise the EU if the EU is not supported by domestic politics. There are many other difficulties: the EU Directive on Citizenship, which is responsible for non-discrimination, prohibited government aid, and the EU guillotine position. This is a big problem for the final stage of negotiations.

Their rival is the member of the FDP Council Hans Wichki. Do you have a political difference?

I do not know it politically because we do not cooperate with any commission. In my opinion, we are the Swiss freelancers who speak german in the center of the optimal policy of the center.

Do you have a model?

I was impressed by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. He once wrote that politics requires self-discipline and calmness. I can sign one of these.

Are you astonished by the liberal Liberal Democrat politician?

Schmidt was indeed the liberal. But I have a federal consultant who liked me, especially Kaspar Wilheller. It was calm and objective and was successful, for example, by introducing a debt brake. However, the "role model" does not mean that you are trying to personally replicate a person.

If the situation is unfounded on December 5, will you leave the Soviet Council in 2019?

I would be an adviser. On the inside, I was convinced that I was not elected on December 5th. The issue of the candidacy of the Federal Council immediately clarifies and does not meet any expectations. That would be great.

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