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Not all songs are just for you – News of culture: Classics

Lunch with family, Background "Ar & P" Arpeggiata "Mediterraneo" CD. "Who is here to sing?" Someone asks Pizzica di San Vito. "Woman," she says. "No, boy," said the son. "If you ask, it is an absolute man," says the man. They are united in one thing: the one who sings here is the phenomenon.

Now you are facing this phenomenon in the lobby of Zurich Hotel: Vincenzo Capezzuto, 39 years old, in good mood. Before him, there is American Coffee Cooper, "I know, I know, Italians."

But it does not fit in with other clichés and is glad about it. In any case, he sees that the voice is "not really classified". "It gives me freedom," she says, with a voice that's too high. In contrast to concerts, Capezzuto reaches high altitudes without changing the falset. All this is a grace, purity and effort that will always surprise you.

Contraceptive music

Also, after a few hours of the interview. Then Capetzuto appears together with Arpeggiata in Grossmünster, Zurich, and, obviously, does not mean "Pizzica di San Vito". This is not just a singer but also a parade for an ensemble that has invented its own pit.

Pizzica di San Vito with Arpeggiata.

The founder of the ensemble Christina Pluhar uses the headgroup theorems, improvisational freedom with violin and zink, and the organist changes into balls. Vincenzo Capezzuto is one of the indisputable excitement: After all, the dance that Italian folk trusts will produce after Tarantelbis.

The main thing is that the singer is a dancer. As a child, he always danced and sang. Two of them worked in the hospital, but the parents of musicians noticed their talent. At the age of 10, he began his ballet training at the San Carlo Theater in Naples, where he lived with Salerno bus for an hour and a half. He was called "Il canterino" at school because he always sang near dance.

With Arpeggiata, Twas, a Purcell company.

After the training, he became the primer ballerina of the English National Ballet in Naples, Aetheralletto, Reggio Emilia. He danced until singing in the dance choreographic dance of Warr Forsche or Alvin Aili. She wanted to get a lesson and come face-to-face with the experts. But this only corrects small things; "I realized that I am mine." As the most important singer, she invites her dance: "Body feeling, breath – all from here."

Waste and marks

Only reading notes had to be read, "this figure surprised me". She still needs it during the practice and then puts it back. Sometimes he tried to sing with his inscriptions "in cooperation with colleagues". But it does not work, it needs freedom on the stage: it is necessary to write the rhythm and emphasize the text with a gesture. Or sometimes for a few dance steps.

"Body feeling, breathing – all goes out of the field."Vincenzo Capezzuto

If you want to see him with him, you realize that he does not like the novel of classical songs. Piano, singer in piano, great selflessness: "It's the contrast of what I want." That is why he likes to work with L & # 39; s Arpeggiata's experienced colleagues. In this regard, in 2011, together with Claudio Borganii, he created his own troupe: Sogquadro Italiano, because Capezzuto likes both words and its meaning. "Sacvado on the Metal" means "screaming".

First of all, "Imagine"

Since then, the guard has exposed many things. They combined music, dance, and video, linked historical instruments and electronics, connect Monrover to Minna – Shubert's friends were amazed by a singing program with a saxophone or toy piano. Capetzuto's voice disturbs the traditional Schubert sound: "and we want the soul of the Schubertzids to play with our friends so far."

Shubert's "Atys" with Soqquadro italiano.

Sogquadro Italiano also includes the public in this area: three-day festivals where listeners and musicians study Italian cities, enjoy concerts and dine together. Capetzuto tells about the "musical tour package", he loves direct communication.

It also finds it in GrossMunter. He performed with folkloric music, and also John Lennon's "Smaska" with Soprano Celine Sheen (Concert "Aristiss Suissa" for the end of the First World War). Then there is Pizzica di San Vito again – this is a rap.

This singer is really a phenomenon, "said the woman. That's right. (Editors Tamedia)

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