Wednesday , May 18 2022

Ottmar's handballers are in second place: no glitter


Four days after Shafhausen's cadets, St. Petersburg 28:23 won the ninth round of the NHL against Basel's sovereignty.

Fricks Bishop, St. Gallen

You can count on the Ottoman orbit in the Tobias Wetzel (yellow) on the front and the back (Picture: Ralph Ribe)

In the Ottoman cycle, Tobias Vettsel (yellow) can be relied on the front and back.
(Photo: Ralph Ribe)

"This is of course not a classic game, which is not expected to be tired, as it was before. But we had good phases and scenes, "said Frederick Wuestner. Vorarlberg, with Tobias Vetzel, once again became the dominant defensive fortress in the center of Swallow. It is always a big problem for the opponents to pass them. "We identify Vetzel, and we are re-educated and re-contracted to reach consensus." Over the past two months, not only the sporty, but also the human being. "Frederick is very interesting," says Vetzel, and Vudner, "that friendship was genuine." The whole team, especially the goalkeeper Aurel Bringolph, is well aware of that. He scored 22 goals and goals, and his skills were wonderful. "Aurel assures us that it will make us worse," said Vyustner, a defender of strategic importance.

Temporary sprint is enough to make early decisions

The game's protection point needed a stronger defense against Basel because the attack did not have a certain relief and breakthrough. At the same time, the error level was very high. It hampers the flow of the game and has caused uncertainties that the Basel people know again and again. They opened the game until 5: 5. Then St.Gallen moved to 10: 5 in a short time. They easily mastered the game until the end of the rest of the game, as the guests became real to the real team. During the match, St. Omar fights with his opponents and rivals and tries to do something to reach the goal. For the best teams, its capabilities can be considered more optimally, so St.Galler connects with the second-place leader, Sheffauzen.

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