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PUBG: The PS4 version may appear in December


PUBG: PS4 version may appear in December - New entries

November 6, 2018 at 08:25:

'PlayerUnknown & # 39; Battlegrounds' The PS4 version may reach PlayStation in December 2018. The message still pending, PlayStation servers and analysts gave tips.

Battle Royale's title, "PlayerNew Known & Battlegrounds," is a little "Fortnite" but one of the most successful games on the market. And good luck will last for several weeks.

The short form of the game "PUBG" is still released only for PCs, Xbox One and mobile systems. PS4 players are still free. However, I think the launch on PS4 will take place soon.

Product images on PlayStation servers

This is because in South Korea after reaching the age level PlayStation servers have a game icon and an icon of the Player Unneccerated Battlegrounds. They did not land on a random basis and mean that Sony Interactive Entertainment is preparing for the release of the Battle Royale game soon.

PUBG for PS4: The Rating panel shows an earlier discovery

Korean Game Rating Board added "PlayerNewSnow Battlefields" to the list of PS4 approved games. Based on this …

The expert expects release in December

Analyst for Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmed, seems to know a bit. According to him, the PS4 version will be released in December 2018 with the "Player Unnknown & Battlegrounds".

In his opinion, the announcement and immediate release (that is, the current publication) may take place at 2018 Game Awards. The show will be held on December 6, 2018. However, the earlier version of PS4 will not be discarded.

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