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Rivian comes to Tessla and introduces an electrical installation


Hidden Launches Introduces Tessla's E-Claims

There were no US-led two electric machines that will run into production until 2020. It's noteworthy that Riviana is not an electric machine, but a company that has been in business for nine years. In 2009, Rivian was a graduate of MIT, R. J. Scaringe, when Tesla Model S did not even exist on the market.

Since that time, Riviène has secretly made about 500 million companies with more than 600 employees through two vehicles. Investments have come from Saudi Arabia and Japan. The purpose of the company is to bring the electric drive to the world of adventure cars.

The airplane stretches 200 kilometers in three hours. Each wheel is powered by its own motor. 105, 135 and 180 kWh, the best in 640 km configuration. It is powered up to 160 kW, and a quick charging provides up to 80% of the battery within 50 minutes.

All the Rivian R1T Electric Piston:

For the body, Riviana relies on a double cabin and four doors for the usual US pick-up format. The 5.50-meter long car can be interrupted by one meter depth and reaching 45 degrees Celsius. According to Rivian, you can transport up to five tons of trailer and load a maximum of 800 kg. The strongest version is about 750 lps. (562 kW) equivalent. It prolongs you from three seconds to a hundred kilometers an hour.

Designed SU1 R1S on the Riviana GP. An electric platform, known as a platform for skateboarding, was launched especially for electric machines, and later became a crossover model. Rivian also wants to share the platform with other manufacturers even when needed.

Skateboard platform. Picture: Rivian

Both cars are being built in the former Mitsubishi factory in the United States. Before the first production model, the tape must be durable. According to Rivian, the proposed labeling is a 92% production model. By 2020, they should not exceed 50 thousand a year. For comparison, Tesla produces over 80,000 cars per quarter.

In the US, cars can already order a $ 1,000 deposit. Depending on the model, the two models range from 69,000 to $ 100,000. Whether Rivian will bring his car to Europe, it has begun.

The first concept presented at the presentation of Tesla Tesla cars. Photo: Tesla

Rivian complained to Tesla, a pioneer of their choice. Elon Mask has repeatedly confirmed Teslaw is working on the Cork selection and looks very futuristic. However, according to Musa, model Y and 3 and Tesla trucks are now very important. (Pls)

Who wants to build a motor: Kalashnikov.

China Electric Motor Market Leader:

Video: srf / SDA SRF

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