Sunday , August 7 2022

Roland Löser receives a wheel in his hand


There is a change in Carsharing Company Mobility. Roland Löser heads the company. He comes to replace Patrick Marty.

Changes in the mobility management of the car distribution company. Roland Lötscher (50) supervises Patrick Marty (37) in January 2019, and has solved a new task in the retail sector. Two years after the company's leadership, Marty left the co-operative until the end of the year.

Löser completed his work in telecommunications companies in Germany and abroad. He has also been leading positions in the Swisscom, the Cablecom marketing, business development and strategy development, and has recently held leading positions in Zein.

Expand the market position

"Mobility benefits from knowing the process and technology-driven business models," says Frank Boller, Chairman of the Board. "We are convinced that under the Roland Lötscher, Mobility, we will continue to expand our market and expand its services."

According to its statement, Carsharing wants to be a Swiss private provider of mobile content. In addition, Mobility launched a trip platform for the past two years and offered electric scooters in Zurich.

There are approximately 180,000 customers in the cooperative (at the beginning of the year) and CHF 76,2 million in 2017. However, opponent providers have to deal with: Last year large investment projects were unstable.

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