Friday , August 19 2022

Samsung wants a competitive terabyte for the SSD


Samsung has strengthened the range of storage solutions with the new SSD product line. The Korean manufacturer promises a lot of new QVO series. This is the basis of SSDs with terabytes, which also compete with HDDs, "says Samsung.

SSDs use the SATA interface and reach a 2.5-inch factor. They offer speeds of reading and writing at 550 or 520 megabits per second.

(Source: Samsung)

The new SSDs will be released in three versions in December 2018. (Source: Network Media)

The manufacturer promises a firm product with a three-year warranty. For example, the Total Bytes written container has a capacity of 360 times. This value is still read by the SSD, but is no longer described.

1 terabyte and 160 francs

"Today, Daniel Perissette, the head of B2B sales department in Switzerland, says:" Today, high resolution data is still used and maintained. All these content increase the demand for high capacity, high-quality storage.

"By introducing the 860 QVO, Samsung is offering SSD that meets these needs: high speed, durability, and up to four terabytes – all just great for Otto's normal customers in the SSD at a very good price / performance ratio."

The SSD can be obtained in three versions from December 3 in Switzerland. The capacity is 1, 2 or 4 terabytes, the price is 160, 271 and 542 francs, respectively.

Daniel Peresset, Samsung CEO of Switzerland in B2B. (Source: Network Media)

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