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Second victory in the 5th game – Paris "Liverpool" retains its CL competitions


  • Paris 5th match of the Champions League defeated Liverpool 2-1 in home.
  • Paris and Liverpool have their own qualifications for knockout stages.
  • "Napoli" is expected to be Red Star Belgrade 3: 1 in Group C.
  • The results of other groups can be found here.

In a home match with the club, Paris won the important home of Liverpool. If the French were not able to qualify for knockout stages, they would have had a team match before the end. But it would be a captain who would win the last game against Red Star Belgrade.

On the 77th minute, Liverpool attacked by Herdan Shakiri could still take on his skills despite the loss. Winning the match with Napoli 1: 0 will reach English. If the Italians score, Liverpool needs only a few win-winnings.

Paris has dominated since the beginning

Hosts have no doubts about the innovative game. From the outset, the PSV prevailed and on the 13th minute Juan Bernat came to the gate. For a full-fledged attack on the last KL match, Clarkass was not enough for Virgil van Dyke.

Paris was so dominated that it did not play anymore. However, after Neymar's opponent 2: 0 (37) faster. As you can see: How Joan Gomez's benefits are full of Clian Mabes.

Hatchback – yes or no?

In the episode, talk about 2 penalties.

  • When Angela Di Maria stopped Sadio Mané half an hour before, Judge Szemon Marchenia decided that she was guilty. James Milner scored the goal.
  • However, Nimar was not an adult (81) when falling into the penalty area.

Naples is unhappy with Belgrade

Naples no power, Red Star Belgrade House. He scored a goal with a score of 2: 0 and 3: 0, and won the confidence of Dr Irving Martens. Finally, the Italians were 3: 1, and in the final game even the defeat would be safely developed.

Broadcast Link: SRF Two, "sportaktuell", 26.11.2018, 22:35.

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