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Sofia Vega: Now you can see your baby


Sofia Vega
, 31 years old, now has a short break from her stressful work schedule. From his friend
Daniel Charlie
the TV star was given a few days off. The beautiful blonde Santa Barbara in California was filled with new strength.

Sofia Vegas: A short break in Santa Barbara

"I see fatigue and stop me and say:" It's finished, "he says." In the RTL interview, Sofia applauded her partner. Now enjoy the past
Bert Woldersheim
, 67, close to Santa Barbara's sun and beach in Los Angeles. Sofia Instagram looks better than the eyes.

He answers the child's attack

At Sophia's profile, you can see her baby very well. Apparently, curvature is too slow for other people. "Now I understand why I was contacted for the first time yesterday, and I'm pregnant." After a few months of invisible body's unexplained body, she was skeptical of Sofia's pregnancy.

Does not Sofia Vague not succeed?

Bert Walterseim liked his former employee

For seven years the householder and his wife were married to Sofia. Now married couples have their own way of life. The connection is good, in Bert interview. However, he liked the previous reaction.

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