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Sold father is a culture


Alyaz Abram (72) once a week becomes a hypermarket. Young people often describe this teenager who is very expensive, because simple clothes and footwear are only for the purpose of influencing other people financed by their parents. Arif Abram, from Hechtheim, near Mainz is a retiree. She has one to pay for her clothes, but it's not her parents, she's astounding about 220,000.

In the Instagram camera, Hypebeast's father @Jaadiee is known for his nickname. In the first photo uploaded on the Internet, he looks at the brick wall. The right hip is torn and the left leg bends. He does not know what he is doing, and most importantly, why. Why she made her grandson white and red sneakers for her too little. Why is she wearing tennis socks, why she wears the trousers of Manchester to the top and why this bag lasted to her white cap?

"This is my idea," proud Anna's 23-year-old grandson Jannik Diefenbach. The young man scratched his fingers under the curly curls, put silver rings on his fingers and wanted to be fun in Christmas two years ago. For his friends, he wanted to take a picture of his father wearing his clothes. Nobody knows what to do. Aloyts Abram now changes ten times more than a few weeks ago. He was a glass maker. Now he goes to the gym three times a week, caring for the kindergarten, and learning more about his grandchildren. That is why he agreed with jokes: "I tried to make Janny happy," she says. "I was engaged in sports, but did not know what to do with sportswear" Why?

His dignity does not doubt Opa Alojz – he likes it. At the supermarket, young people come and ask for magic. In the gym, strong guys look at her shoulders and hurry to her followers. The organizers also invited him at international cross-country fairs. "At the fair recently in Amsterdam, there were a lot of girls to visit," says Abram, "from China, Indonesia and the Philippines."

People recognize it and proud it. And money? "We took four pictures in each picture," says Jannik Diefenbach. Parents can play and shoot new video games. To keep sneakers in the camera. Or a certain drink. Partnership partners sell it with their ancestors and grandchildren, which share the usual proportions. "One day I have to make my head scarf," says Abram. "I still do not understand.

And @Jaadiee deserves, his grandson Jannik gets. In one case: Instagram should be ignored by his father because he is quite conservative. In other words, he says, it is changing rapidly.

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