Sunday , August 7 2022

Sunrise offers Laax GR at very fast internet


This abbreviation is a telecommunications industry, especially: 5G. Sunrise, Salt, and Swisscom have an unprecedented competition for very fast lines. Sunrise has set up the world's first 5G network in the ski resort of Laah, yesterday.

Graubunden Grap The 5G line at Sogn Gion at a height of 2253 meters above sea level is to advertise itself to the Swisscom and Salt competitors on a very fast mobile carrier race. The second largest telecommunication provider in Switzerland has set up the world's first 5G network in the ski resort of Laax GR yesterday. "Switzerland needs a fast network in rural areas," says Sunrise CEO Olaf Svantière (52) in an interview with Blick. "We show how we can offer broadband without the cables in Laaha".

5G is a mobile standard that replaces the 4th generation (4G) standard one day. The download speed can be up to 10 Gbps per 5G. For example, live streaming live events in real time. At 5G, many other devices can send data simultaneously, increasing the bandwidth and data bandwidth.

Criteria of criticism of the federal government

Almost every year the data has doubled in Switzerland. "We need 5G to maintain the efficiency and quality of our mobile network," Olaf Svantie said. If Switzerland wants to remain competitive on an international level, it needs a digital infrastructure that adapts to its name. But it will take some time before Switzerland launches an ultra-fast line. On the one hand, the division of frequencies provides a clear Zoff between telegraph giants. Specifically, the smallest sunflower and salt – strike against the federal government criterion.

In fact, in July 2018 a federal auction for 5G in Switzerland was to be held. If there is demand for all frequencies, the minimum price will be 220 million francs. The auction is scheduled for January 2019. Frequency of frequencies that can be provided by a separate provider, its line is more stable. Swantee is widely regarded as a premium award for Swiss Leader frequency bands, the majority of which is federal government. "Switzerland does not need it, it has the capability to buy a lot," says Svantie.

This leads to a super network

By the end of 2024, the fastest 5G network will reach more than 40 percent of the world's population, including 1.5 billion consumers. But it also requires the appropriate devices. Telecommunication Swisscom, a 5G network recently introduced in six Swiss cities, has introduced a 5G mobile prototype. Manufacturers like Huawei want to deliver the first 5G-Handys 2019 to the market, according to their data. But the super-network can do much more: 5G networks are the basis for many services that are not compatible with today's network. They need to be able to drive cars at a time. Most devices need to accelerate Internet, 5G networks and digitization. (ZAS)

Absence of restrictions

Sunrise and threatened to prosecute Swisscom in the case of salt shortage. Another barrier is technology. The current network in Switzerland is 5G-compatible. For new networks, the transmission towers in Switzerland have to be strengthened. Restrictions should be relaxed. However, politics has not denied it yet. If the parliament is otherwise, the 5G network will remain in Switzerland. Switzerland is experiencing a very fast line.

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