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Supermassive Games: Multiple PlayStation exclusive projects


Supermassive Games: Multiple PlayStation exclusive projects

On the 12th of November, 2018 at 6:13:

Though the game of horrors of the "Median person" is a multi-polar project, the developers of the Supermas Games are in close contact with Sony. Supermassive Games has been featured on several exclusive PlayStation projects.

Over the last few years, developers of the Supermassive Games have become known as the PlayStation 4 exclusive "horror" of horror.

Supermassive Games is currently working with PlayStation 4 and the "Median Man" for the PC and Xbox One, but the studio is in close partnership with Sony. Nobody has confirmed this, except for Executive Producer Peter Samwell, who also has several exclusive PlayStation projects in the UK.

Black Outline: The Gameplay video shows 9 minutes from the Medan man

There is a new project on the "Supermassive Games" magazine with "Black Drawings" with Wolf Anthology. Today's gameplay video …

The Medan man is designed to reach a wide audience

Further details about these projects were not provided by Samuels. Instead, she quickly came to the title of "The Man of the Median" and answered the question "Which is the name of Down to the Down" not only for PlayStation 4? This is just about the achievement of a broad audience. However, this does not change the fact that Sony's relationships are outstanding.

"We're working on several non-exclusive PS exclusives. However, this can not be explained in detail. In general, I wanted to introduce our work to a wide audience. This means that Dark Pictures should be released on several platforms, "said Samwell.

By the way, "The Man of the Median" is released this year.

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