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The national league is a story about the many hits of Swiss hockey. No European League will attract such a community, local competition will flourish, which is also interesting. Unlike football, FC Basel has long been a monologue, and as the IB now has a role, no team has a long-term advantage. Yes, there are older adults like SC Bern and ZSC Lions, but those who work well like SCL Tigers are awarded. The league is balanced and interesting.

Each team can use four foreigners to succeed in part of this formula. That means they play a very important role, but still a strong Swiss nucleus is essential to success. The increase in the six foreigners will remove this structure from the balance. Even if it is said that the supporters will have only additional players for the discounted price. But in January, if the best foreigners are in the KHL, who can play? What kind of sports director does not go there? Will the salary decrease or decrease then?

If the young Switzerland does not accept ice age going to the National League, it will result in death.

Six foreigners, for example: goalkeeper, two defenders, three strikers. In Powerplay, only foreigners are allowed to ice. If the Bulgarian Bachofner and Raphael Prass were playing at the start of the season in the season, would two more foreigners use it? No way. And it was a pity. If the young Switzerland does not accept ice age going to the National League, it will result in death. If Slovak or Norwegian language is cheaper, then what do millions of generations have to do?

Switzerland swings back to ice hockey. Ten years ago, SCB General Director Mark Luthi called for foreigners, and then five came instead of four. And smiling. It will also be this time. But his initiative is a fundamental issue: focusing on short-term solutions. Instead of discussing foreigners, discuss the expansion of a good Swiss base. It's not possible to qualify for any championship title today or tomorrow, but long-term sports are very expensive for many people in that country.

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