Sunday , March 26 2023

The Meteer Salt Lake near the Archauer – Frickal – Aargau Dog


An unidentified dog every two days broke the sheep in the pastures of Oberhof, reports the Kantonal Police Artaru on Monday. The origin of the dog is not yet understood by the police as to why they are looking for witnesses.

Together with the other sheep, two animals were planted on pastures at the Maiyacher and Hasematt sites outside Oberhofen. The two surrounding pastures are approximately one kilometer away.

Breeders on Sunday, October 28, 2018 Sunday is the first sheep, and then the player and the cantonal person are associated with the police. Only three days later, on Wednesday, October 31, another grazing player was killed again. That day was alive.

Two sheep have to be wounded by dog ​​bites. Both temporary and local proximity go to the same dog account. There is no information on the origin and state of his or her origin.

The Cantonal Police in Reinfeldt (062 836 37 37) searches for witnesses who provide or provide information about this dog.

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