Friday , February 3 2023

The new MacBook Air is tested in practice


Apple introduced its long-awaited successor to its popular MacBook Air series. The new Apple notebook is equipped with modern technology and is much more than its previous sales.

Sometimes Apple lets its consumers wait all their lives. Basically MacBook Air has not been significantly updated since 2015. The new edition lasted for a long time. Experience shows how a laptop works in everyday life.

The biggest difference for the new generation is the screen: a 13 inch screen with a 22-inch IPS with a new MacBook Air Retina display.


The screen has a capacity of up to four million pixels, and the 13-inch model has over 1.3 million pixels. So now the text looks sharp and sharp. The pictures are more colorful, and the number of colors has increased by 48 percent. After a few hours before the new model, you do not want to use the lower resolution indicator. However, the screen is not as bright as the Pro models.

Processor and Memory

In the main processor, Apple now owns the eighth generation of Intel's Core i5 chips, giving it a lot of power. Productivity also depends on the size of the RAM. You can choose between 8 and 16 GB of RAM. Most users are expected to work with 8 GB of RAM. The smallest version of the SSD (128 GB) for basic memory is a minimum of 256 GB available for most users to store large amounts of data. But 512 GB or even 1.5 Terabytes.

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