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There is a high risk of alcohol in these areas


The bad start can end with dependence: in some areas garbage is collected.

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Identify several factors, whether it depends on someone. But what researchers are now suspicious of is the new approach to alcoholism.

Now beer does not make a drink. However, if the desire for alcohol is constantly on the normal level, you even notice the signs of your body and do not pay attention to what's around you, you depend on dependence.

Doctors discuss several factors that contribute to alcoholism. About childhood and personality. But now researchers can take a closer look at something.

Finland, Scotland, Greenland: Alcohol dependence is related to the climate

Climate may have a significant impact on the development of alcohol dependence. According to an American study, if people living in cold weather drinking with sunlight for several hours, it would be possible to drink alcohol warm and sunny people.

As the British broadcaster continues to broadcast, the data from 193 countries show this link. In countries where there is no cold and sunlight, a large number of alcoholics are inevitable there are many liver diseases here,

The absence of the sun is depression – alcoholism

One explanatory drink can be used by many as a "heater." Alcohol relieves blood circulation and promotes blood circulation. However, in the short term: After a small microwave oven, it is faster than the body's alcohol effect,

Doctors say that the sun rays and the increased depression. Hard circle: Depression, in turn, does not abuse alcohol,

Credit: WHO is currently damagingThe German consumes only one alcoholic beverage,

The lowest price for alcohol should reduce dependence

At the political level there is a debate on the fight against alcoholism. At the beginning of the year, a standard that requires one in Scotland has come into force Minimum price for alcohol the

Dr. Scott McKann, a medical advisor at the Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, says, "As regards the lack of sunlight and the adverse effects of low alcohol consumption, the laws on the decline in alcohol prices are groundless. «

dangerousSo some people become red when they drink alcohol.


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