Saturday , January 28 2023

Tip: A physical "full release" for PS4 and Xbox One has been confirmed


Bigben and Cyanide release the physical version of the full version (all five episodes) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 7, 2018. There is no version of the box for PC. It is still unclear if the buyers of the digital season allow access to the fifth episode.

"These events take place in 1793. Players Lord Ritchie, a member of a secret society, Lord Mortimer invited his domain: a small island isolated from the rest of England, with other guests. Hosts – Napoleon Bonaparte and the first president of the world's emerging world power: George Washington – This amazing and amazing meeting is far more than just a great hotel – Luis's mother has just disappeared on the island. Their decisions in the Council seem to have serious consequences and hide the dark secrets in each of the spectators. "

Last update: Hide and scan 2 episode – Run a trailer

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