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Winchen should be returning money – Sunday newspaper


A year later SonntagsZeitung announced that he was against Finanzmarktaufsicht (FinmA) Raiffeisen The so-called "order of execution" is in effect. He wants to return the investment company InvestNet.

Dominic Chiai confirms: "Raiffeisen Switzerland is part of the InvestNet InvestNet and Peter Wüst, Andreas Etter, Aneco AG and Raiffeisen. Pirin Vincenz and, on the other hand, will close the share exchange agreement with Swiss Raiffeisen Peter Wes and Aneko AG (100% of Andreas Eritre) until 2012. "The buyer has deliberately deceived a contract.

It was several times when Investpe was selling to Raiffeisen. Expectations: In 2011, Raiffeisen negotiated with Peter Woot and Andreas Eser, the founder of InvestNet. The talks were conducted by Pit Winchens' adviser and friend Beat Stoker. Also, Stocker tried to take part in InvestNet. Success was made in accordance with the Deloitte auditing firm's name, which was created by the Finnish side. Wincenz Finance has learned about how Inside Paradeplatz was opened.

Invalid Raiffeisen

After that, Patrick Giser was used as an interlocutor instead of Stocker. Gisel did not know that Stocker InvestNet was involved. In any case, Raiffeisen Investnet purchased 60 percent, each paying 20 million WFF and ECHF CHF. There was an exchange of shares. Then Duo Stocker transferred 5.8 million francs. Stocker Vincenz soon became 2.9 million. CHF paid. This is a suspicion that the InvestNet has been paying for revenue from sales. Then, InvestNet gathered together with Raiffeisen's own KMU Capital. Older owners have regained money, while Raifeyzen transferred KMU Capital to $ 100 million.

In the autumn of 2015, Vincent invested 1,5 million Swiss francs to the new company, leaving 15 percent of Raiffeisen's shares. This guide was funded through a loan provided to him. This should now be withdrawn because Raiffeisen was fooled because he did not know that Stocker InvestNet was involved. "Further, the agreement was reached to purchase shares that led to the restructuring of AG Holding Invest Holding AG. As a result, Raiffeisen Switzerland now requires 100% of KMU Capital AG's 100% controlled KMU Capital Holding AG (former Investnet Holding AG), "said Chiaavi. Accordingly, Investnet AG is not part of the Raiffeisen Group. Civil proceedings are under way ".

Salary reports are transferred to a friend

This week, certain details have been released. Vincenz dropped out of the settlement account for Eugen Mätzler, the lawyer wrote, "Inside Paradeplatz." This confirms Raiffeisen. "From 2001 to 2017, these operations were revised accordingly from Eugene Metzler and PWC in Raiffeisen, Switzerland," said Chiaavi.

Interestingly, PWC also viewed InvestNet Deals – Mätzler Vincenz's trustee. Vincenz's private financial company was a board member of Varaplan. It is involved in the procurator's procurement of Commtrain. Chiawi says, "The order obliges us to keep silent on third parties."

(Sunday newspaper)

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