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Zurich is the most comprehensive survey

The police in Zurich have a man in Langström. Picture: KEYSTONE

Which of the individual checks in Zurich is executed and why

In the period from February to July 2018, 16,554 people were examined in Zurich, about 91 people a day. About 31% – about 5 100 cases – the police were right in their forecast, NZZ reports. Since this year, the Zurich Police has been obliged to conduct every event through the smartphone application and additionally to the venue and location of the event, and whether this action was successful?

The new system was introduced after several racial profiling rhetoric – is racial argument validated? The Swiss Center for Human Rights concluded that these allegations were groundless. City Police has also deployed the Web application to collect data on human trafficking.

Data Validation

Around Langstur, the majority of the observations in the fourth circle were fulfilled. Then follow the city center (district 1) and the industrial district (district 5). Many people have stopped in Zurich. This is due to the fact that the Oerlikon and Seebah districts are developing steadily.

In Region 1 there is a very frequent check of people. Picture: KEYSTONE

This is the reason why a person is much more interesting than the location. About 6200 times – City Police officers stopped people because of "severe behavior or abnormal" – 22 percent were right. The second most frequent observation was related to a particular event, for example, a conflict. Here, the level of income is 42%.

"Police Situation and Threat" became the third law. These are promotional events, such as street parades or soccer games. Then, based on "objective practice," checks are made of certain types of substances. For the two categories of police, the police have been involved in any of the fourth suspects.

Unreasonable checks on people were "tendencies and search". Statistics show that the income level is about 60 percent. In other words, more than half of the surveyed people have been included in the search engine.

Unique system in Switzerland

City Police Zurich is the first building to gather such data in Switzerland. Relative systems are available in England. However, this can not be perceived because, for example, there should be controlled ethnicity.

The application is very easy to handle. According to NZZ, this facility can be completed shortly. No additional costs were incurred in the production.

Despite success, he talks to the city police. Additionally, there is no data comparable to other cities in Switzerland as these statements may be difficult. (From)

Police officer Sheffer collided with the "Movement" in the 80's:

Video: Watson

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